November 12, 2011

maida sweet biscuits/Deep fried sweet biscuits/Easy indian style deep fried biscuits for kids r u all?today Iam posting a recipe which is very very easy to do!! Hope you all know this recipe,but this is my version.these are maida biscuits which are simple and easy to make Here it is....


maida/all purpose flour-1 cup
powered sugar-1/2 cup
baking soda-1/4 tsp
cardamom powder-1 tsp
butter or ghee-3 tbsps
milk-3 tbsps
cookie cutters-any shapes
oil-for deep fry


1.take flour in a bowl.add sugar,soda,cardamom powder,ghee(i used)milk and water little by little until it gets into chapathi dough consistency.
2.keep it aside it for 15 mints.
3.after 15 minutes take dough and rub it.roll it  like a chapathi and cut it into your desired can fold it by applying oil and rolling once gives layers..
4.heat  oil and fry them well.drain on paper and fry another batch.
5.serve with cup of milk or tea.

Thank You...
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