December 26, 2011


almond kheer is one of the popular kheer in india.. It is a very rich and delicious kheer..i did it first time and came out very it is..try it and share your feelings with me.....

almond/badam paste-1/2cup
blanched almonds- few 
sugar-1/2 cup
saffron-few strands
cardamom powder-1tsp
ghee-1 tbsp

1.soak the almonds in hot water for 5min.and remove the skin carefully.
2.grind them into a fine paste..
3.add milk in a heavy thick bottomed pan and keep on stirring..
4.when the milk is in half quantity add almond paste and start stirring again for 15min. should be in thick add sugar,cardamom.cook for 5more min  or til dissolves the sugar. 1tsp of ghee fry the blanched almonds and decorate on top.


  1. This almond kheer looks so creamy, rich and delicious.

  2. You did a great job for cooking it the first time, it looks creamy and nice!


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