December 26, 2011


This is a very easy and yum dessert recipe.....senyum
whenever your friends or relatives visits home suddenly and if you are in hurry you can do this within 15min and can serve...and the desserts ingredients also very few..check it and try it out friends........angel

apples-2 small one(if big 1)
sugar-1/2 cup(as per your taste)
milk-4 cups
cardamom powder-1 tsp
cashews-to garnish few
ghee-1 tbsp
wash and grate the apple and keep it aside.
boil the milk in a thick bottomed vessel.stir in between to avoid burning from the bottom..
when the milk reduced to half add sugar and cardamom and mix well.
after 5min add grated apple and let it takes only few mins.
when the apple was cooked completely off the flame..
fry the cashews in ghee and garnish on top of the

simple apple rabri is ready.......sengihnampakgigi

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