December 23, 2011


Iam not a big fan of spices or snacks..but i love to try new varities..i saw that so many people tried bread pakoda..
Then i thought why we dont try bread balls.yes,as soon as i tried this with a very little amount of batter..ohh!!so crispy and a snack it was a very easy one to,plz try this friends....

gram flour (besan )-1cup
chilli powder-2tsps
salt-to taste
ginger garlic paste(GGP)-1tsp
garam masala -1tsp
bread slices-3
this is my naughty son dev`, car

1.cut the bread slices into very small pieces.with brown part too.....
2.take flour,salt,chilli powder,GGP and garam masala in a bowl add prepare into a soft a batter by adding water little by little. add in bread pieces and mix all together.
4.heat oil in a kadai and make balls and fry well.til they turns to golden..fry them in low flame..
5.serve hot with ketchup or any chutney..

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