December 24, 2011

today iam posting the about christmas celebrations in jka street line.JKA u didn`t understood it right..let me portuguese j is pronounced as jota so,the street name is JKA(jotaka) it clear......kenyit
we can see so many restaurants and pizza huts in this street.its like biggggg line of onebyone.....we went at night time.and i have no time to take more pics..but iam sure i`l upload some more pics soonly...
so,,,,let see the pics..
how is the decoration???..
colourful na!!!!!
some food stalls
see the lights!!!!!!!!
stars on a tree not in sky!!!!!!kenyit
a group of people!!!!!!!
fikir can you guess what is going inside???

senyumshall i tell??????

people waiting in a queue.whysoal

ok..i`l explain why they are stood there..inside the room santa clause is there,..they are going to take the pics with him.......sengihnampakgigi more shot........rindu
WOW.......such a big one.....

kenyitsee the star on upside!!!
angelone more close up shot..........

kenyiti hope you all liked the pics..i try my level best to upload more and more photos and some short stories about foz do iguacu.......wish me all the best.friendssenyum

1 comment:

  1. wow...lovely cliks maha..
    wishing you merry christmas n happy holidays too..;)
    Tasty Appetite


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