December 21, 2011

MIXED POWDERS POLIS | easy indian festival sweets

andhra festival sweets
This is my other poli recipe with filling of different powders.its a combination of 3 powders.filling is completely depends upon your tastesenyumkenyit...

It is a very easy poli recipe and very tasty just need to make,off the recipe and share your sweet feeling with me..

maida/all purpose flour-1cup
wheat flour-1cup
powdered sugar-1/2cup
fried sesame powder-1/4cup
fried peanut powder-1/4cup
desicated coconut powder-1/2cup
ghee/butter-for pan frying
cardamom powder-1/2tsp

1.mix all the powders one by one - sugar+sesame+peanut+coconut powders....
2.prepare a smooth dough by adding the two flours.and cover it witha wet towel or cloth for 15-20min. divide the dough into equal size parts and roll it.fill the powders and close the edges from all sides. again roll it very very carefully in puri size..
5.heat a pan add butter and fry it well on both sides or til light golden in colour.
5.serve hot with ghee or butter..
1.roll it into chapathi size and spread the powders mixture and close it with another chapathi on top of it.....
2seal the all edges and fry it..
tastes good in both ways!!!!!!!!..

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