June 1, 2015


Iam doing this BOTTLEGUARD COFTA GRAVY first time.actually my hubby is not big fan of the coftas and thick gravy dishes.sedih

He likes very simple and loose consistency dishes with rice..but i love all types of foods in veg..As a food lover have to try all the varities na??...that`s why i tried it..it was so tasty..when my hub tasted it said that Hmm.it tastes good...love

From now on wards try new varity of cofta dishes..i was suprised.any way iam happy and from now i can try some more this type dishes.rindu.......so..why late.here is my recipe list.

bottle gourd-1(3cups shredded)
chilli powder-2tsps
salt-to taste
garam masala-2tsps
ginger-small piece
green chilli-1
garlic cloves-3
coriander leaves/cilantro-1/2cup
besan flour/gram flour-1cup(as needed to make coftas)
oil-for deep frying coftas

making Coftas

peel and grate the bottle gourd..add little salt and water and bring it to boil..
after it cools squeeze the water and add besan flour,half chili powder and make into round shaped balls.
deep fry the balls in the oil til turns to golden..

Making gravy

chop the veggies and grind together to make puree....(tomatoes,onions,green chilli,ginger,garlic)
now heat a kadai with oil add tomato puree,chilli powder,garam masala,turmeric and cook on med heat til the puree starts leaving oil.
add 1-2cups of water and remaining salt let it boil to turn the gravy thick...
adjust the water in the gravy as per your taste.....
add the prepared coftas and cook it in low flame for 5 more min.
off the heat and add cilantro..
serve hot your yummy cofta gravy with rice.......



  1. delicious recipe....happy to follow u dear!!!!
    plz collect ur award frm my blog

  2. Hi...first time in your space....i just loved this creamy n delicious bottle gourd kofta curry....loved ur space...following u here.....plz visit my space in ur free time :-)

  3. That looks totally yummy dear! think my first time here - glad to know another wonderful blogger - Following you - do visit my blog and love to have your follow back - cheers, Priya

  4. lovely recipe..pls do participate in the DESSERTS event happening at my place.

  5. I love this..Thanks for the recipe..This looks mouthwatering



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