January 13, 2012

BOTTLEGUARD HALWA/LAUKI HALWA/ Sorakaya halwa | Easy indian sweets

HI.guys.....good morningangel.........today iam posting B.G halwa (bottleguard).....usually i do carrot halwa in home..I know about lauki halwa..but never tried it...the day was came now to try the lauki halwa...senyumkenyit..
whenever i see the bottlegourd in the fridge i prefers to make sambar or curry with milk.peace.this time i decided to make this delicious halwa.......and it came out yummmm....adding khoya in the halwa is depends on your taste..it gives very rich taste to the halwa..but i didnt added...this method making halwa takes a little longer time....peluk...but it tastes delicious..

grated bottle gourd-4cups Or 1big
cardamom powder-1/2tsp
green food colour-a pinch(optional)i added
choose tender bottle gourd.... peel the skin and remove the seeds..and grate it...
in a kadai add grated bottle gourd and sugar and stir continuously....
cook this on a low flame..while cooking the mixture it releases more water....
cook til bottle gourd turns to soft and water evaporates..it may takes 30-45mins.this time you can add the colour....
when the mixture is completely dry and bottle gourd is cooked add ghee and fry for few more mins til the ghee incorporated into the mixture...
add in cardamom powder and off the flame.....
fry the cashews and raisins in a tsp of ghee and add in the halwa...
serve hot or cold...

You can skip the colour if don`t like....
instead of ghee you can add clarified butter....
you can add less sugar too...
you can add edible camphor too which gives nice flavour to the halwa....

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  1. hey, halwa with bottle guard....that z awesome...shud try 1...very innovative too

  2. lovely halwa...ive never made with lauki..thanks for linking

  3. never imagined making a dessert with bottleguard... interesting idea

  4. awesome halwa


  5. very innovative halwa...love the colour..please grab some awards from my space :)

  6. Hello Maha,thanks for stopping by in my space..Superb colorful Halwa ,healthy too :) Following you now dear!!

  7. Very innovative recipe, yummy n delicious looking halwa....

  8. such a colourful halwa this is! happy pongal! :)


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