January 10, 2012


Today Iam going to introduce one of the famous dessert of Hyderabad city called DOUBLE KA MEETHA..It is a popular dessert ad simple to make...love
My mom used to make this sweet on birthdays mostly in huge quantity...tepuktangan
 Ingredients are quiet common which you may have in pantry all the time,all you need is fresh white bread for best taste dessert..Yes..Soft and Fresh bread results into a creamy,delicious sweet and adding lots of dry fruits,nuts makes the sweet rich.try this next time and enjoy warm or cold.....jelir
fresh white bread slices-6
3 % fat cow milk-2 cups
white sugar-3/4 cup
cardamom powder -1 tsp
un salted butter-as needed
Heat a non stick pan,add butter then place bread slices and fry well both sides for few seconds.Make sure you don`t burn the slices...Then,chop them into pieces with your hands gently ...
Now add sugar and milk in a vessel and bring it to boil,Stir in between to avoid burning n the bottom.Cook this for 5 minutes in medium heat.
Now add in bread pieces into it...Mix all together once..Don`t make it too smooth..Because bread chunks gives the rich taste and good look when you serve...Cook for 5 minutes and off the flame.
In another small pan heat ghee or butter fry dry fruits and nuts of your choice (cashew and raisins) and add to the bread mixture..add cardamom powder too..Stit gently and let it rest for 10-15 minutes..Yummy, tasty DOUBLE KA MEETHA is ready!!!! Serve hot or cold..in both ways tastes good.malu
Instead of butter you can use ghee..
You can toast the bread if you like..
For the best taste dry the bread slices over night under the fan air and fry in the ghee...it is mom style.....rindu

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