November 10, 2011


As i said in my other post i lovelove parathas to eat for dinner time and as well as loves to try new varieties every time.kenyit...tried this FLAKY PARATHA last night for dinner..senyumkenyit......It takes little bit time to prepare but the final result will be awesome..try this tasty ,delicious parathas.....Iam giving the step by step pictures to make it more easy for you guys...peluk

all purpose flour-2cups
warm milk-1cup(or as needed)
salt-to taste

oil-for pan frying
some flour+oil-to apply on the paratha

Mix all ings and make a smooth dough..cover it with wet cloth and let it sit for 30mins.
divide the dough into equal round shaped balls.and cover those again with a cloth...
now roll the dough ball into chapati and apply some oil and sprinkle some flour.......
now using a knife cut in length wise like strips and take together and curl it into round shape.
now again cover all with the wet cloth....let it sit for 30mins.
now roll it like chapathi and fry in the pan using oil or butter......
serve hot with any kurma or curry........

take the ings
mix the ings well
make the dough and apply some oil on top
cover it with wet cloth
roll it into log
cut into pieces
shape the balls
again cover with a cloth
roll into chapathi
apply some oil and flour
cut in length wise
stick the strips together
roll it &let is sit for few more mins
roll into chapathi
cook on both sides
take it out and crush it..

parathas are ready

serve with any of your choice curry!!!!
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