June 1, 2015

JEERA RICE PULAO | Mixed vegetable cumin pulao |South indian vegetarian rice recipes

Today iam introducing one more easy,spicy,yummy and tasty rice recipe

yes.its very easy to make..and tastes simply delicious..now this JEERA RICE also one my of my fav food in rice varities...peluk....i added some carrots and peas for a change and nutritional values..peace
when I thought to try a new recipe pulav i remembered cumin.i just love the flavour of cumin..you can feelmalu the nice flavour of cumin after cooked.the ings cinnamon and cloves gives the spicy n hot taste to the pulav...then why late??
here is the simple and spicy pulav details..just check it and share your lovely comments with me..please friends.....angel.....

basmati rice-2cups
peas-1cup(i used frozen)
cinnamon-1inch piece
green chillies-3chopped
salt-to taste
cumin-1tsp(opt)for garnish

wash the rice and soak for 30mins.
in a thick bottomed vessel heat oil and add cloves,cardamom,cinnamon and cumin..mix and fry well..
add in carrots,chilies and peas....add salt too....
add drained rice and water and bring it to boil.....(check the water level as per your cooking method)
when the rice is half cooked simmer the flame and cook for 10-15mins....
off the flame and serve with any side dish of your choice.....
I just love it with curd or raita.........

after adding the rice and water in the vessel pour this into the rice cooker..rice will cook automatically..
it is very easy method to cook..(I usually prefers in this method)kenyit
fry the other tsp of cumin in 1tsp of ghee and sprinkle on top of the rice..kenyit

This goes to the Let's Cook ~ Rice event of radhika ticklingpalates.blogspot.com

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Royal Feast - Biriyani
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