January 4, 2012


maluHi...today iam posting a special kheer.that is bottle gourd(lauki/didhi/ghiya/sorakaya).....

This is the first time iam trying this kheersenyumkenyit..i like bottle gourd only in sambar..but my mom said that can prepare so many varity of dishes with this.rinduone day unfortunately i saw this kheer dish in a news papersurprised..so,i tried it today..and it came out delicious..senyum..here is my recipe.check it an d let me know friends....peluk....

grated lauki/bottle gourd-2cups
sugar-1/2cup(as per ur taste)
coconut milk-5cups
chopped almonds,pista-few

peel and grate the bottle gourd and squeeze the water.
heat a non stick pan add grated bottle gourd and fry for 5mins in low flame.
add sugar and coconut milk to it..cook til bottle gourd turns to soft.it takes only 3-5mins.
stir often to avoid the burn in the bottom..
now off the flame.and fry the dry fruits in ghee and add to the kheer..
your tasty and easy lauki kheer is ready..
serve hot or cold.in both ways it tastes good.

You can fry it in a tsp of ghee or butter as per your taste..
coconut milk gives a nice flavour to the kheer.other wise you can normal milk too..
for a variation fry the grated bottle gourd and keep it aside.boil the milk with sugar and add in the kheer..
If you want in liquid consistency add 1more cup of milk.
if you want in thick consistency add some custard powder...

tasty kheer is ready!!!!!!!malu
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