January 14, 2012


I think most of the children rejects to eat Bottle Gourd...nangiheven i too hate this vegetable before marriage.takbole

I love to try different roti recipes every time..this is another  variety which is very healthy too...rindu.. this one of the easy recipe which can cook with lauki!love

grated Bottle Gourd/lauki/ghiya/doodhi-2cups
wheat flour-3cups
green chili-2
chili powder-1tsp
salt-to taste
cilantro/coriander leaves-1/2cup
ginger piece-small one
grind chillies with cumin and ginger piece..
in a bowl add flour,slat,chilli powder,finely chopped cilantro,and grated Bottle Gourd,..
now above grinded paste add into the flour..
by adding water slowly make into a soft dough.......add very slowly bcz the Bottle Gourd have the water in it..
now divide the dough into equal size balls and roll them...
fry with oil or butter in a pan.....
serve hot with any chutney or curd or raita......
i served the paratha with chutney.looking nice na!!!!!!!
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