June 1, 2015


Who avoid to eat the cakes??soalespecially kids right??and I too...kenyit.especially cakes..love..

From last 2days i was little busy with my kids..and i tried this today morning and came out so fluffy and soft..i loved it..there are so many different methods are there in making straw berry cake..some people like to add the puree and some like to add the fruits on the top before the cake was going into the oven for bake..I added in this puree and as well as some chunks of strawberry too..Its depends on your taste.rindu
Anyway here is my recipe list..just check it and let me know friends how it is??...senyumkenyit

all purpose flour-2cups
baking powder-1tsp
strawberry puree-1cup
straw berry chunks-1cup(optional)
baking soda-1/2tsp
salt-a pinch
vanilla extract-1tsp
few strawberries-to garnish
whipped cream-to decorate on top

sift the flour and add baking powder,salt and soda......
beat the eggs and butter add sugar and vanilla in it and mix well....
combine the flour and butter mixture well...
add to this straw berry puree and chunks too.
grease the tin and pour the batter and bake it for 30-45mins...or til the cake turns to golden brown on top..
insert a tooth pick to check the cake was done or not..
after the cake was baked cool it on a wire rack..

decorate the cake with some whipped cream....
arrange the chopped straw berries pieces on top as per your wish....

this goes to ABC Series: DESSERTS and Valentine Day Special

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