January 23, 2012


These banana sweet fritters are very simple to make and tasty one toosenyumkenyit.and very very easy to make..whenever you feel to eat like dessert items that too with fruit then you can make this within 15 minutes.kenyit...hope you guys will like this....ihikhik..

all purpose flour-1cup
salt-a pinch
sugar-2 tbsps
bananas-3 (sweet one)
toasted sesame powder-1 tsp
cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
water-to make batter as needed
oil-for deep frying

add salt,sesame powder,caradmom powder and sugar to the flour and make into a batter by adding water.....
chop the bananas into little finger size pieces.......
heat the oil...dip the bananas in the flour batter and fry til they are crisp.....
serve hot or cold.but tastes yum when hot..........

you can add food colour too......

goes to Banana recipes and ABC Series: DESSERTS
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