February 15, 2012


Iam very happy today because in the title it self you can imagine it..This is my 200th post.senyumhow soon the days are going and I reached to 200th recipe..This credit goes to all my blogger friends. you all supported me always.
So,coming to the recipe I  would like to share this happy moment by this yummy dessert recipe..cium...that is Bread halwa..sengihnampakgigi As usual it is very tasty,yummy and just mouth watering dessert.kenyitso,here goes the recipe.love....
White bread slices-10
3% fat milk-1/2 litre
White sugar-1 cup
cardamom powder-1 tsp
ghee-3 tbsps+for bread frying as needed
in a pan heat some ghee and fry the bread slices,then cut into small pieces....
In the same pan add extra ghee and fry cashews, raisins n keep it aside..
Now, In a vessel boil milk and add in sugar...now add in fried bread pieces and mix well.Cook in low flame til the bread pieces turns to soft...Then turn off flame and mix in fried dry fruits.Serve warm or Otherwise refrigerate it for some time and serve...
sonali prardhan of onlyfishrecipes shared this lovely award with me......thank you so much dear for thinking of me..........
she have a wonderful blog with fish recipes......how loves the fish can check out er space and try out the awesome recipes.......

Thank you,
Usha Ranikenyit

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