February 13, 2012


This is an easy and fresh salad of watermelon..senyumkenyit......especially most of the kids avoid to eat the fruits.yes!!!of course..but for health its very important to eat the fruitsjelir....as we all know that health is wealth..tepuktangan .for those people you can try this type of salads..Iam sure without saying any words they`ll complete the whole bowl.sengihnampakgigi

watermelon salad
My hubby love salads lot.cium.i mean veg`s&fruits..we are so lucky that here we have so many varity of fruitssenyumkenyit. i tried this new and fresh watermelon salad today..it was so simple.as you all know my recipes are simple and so easy..nerdbut tastes yum and good..right??..lapar.so,here is the recipe...try it friends....peluk...

finely chopped watermelon-2cups
finely chopped apple-1cup
finely chopped kiwi-1cup(I prefer sweet one)
finely chopped pear-1cup

mix all the chopped fruits together in a bowl.
add honey and serve fresh..........
some kiwis are sour in taste..you can skip it if you dont like.....

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