March 2, 2012


This is a simple yet tasty dessert which is prepared with left over white bread..Recipe may sounds innovative but a must try dessert if you are sweet tooth..It does n`t need much butter or ghee so no need to worry about the calories..
If you try it with some care then result will be the good.It is a combination of bread and carrot halwa.Better you use big size bread pieces for easy making......Iam sure you people will love this.give it a try and let me know friends.....senyum

bread slices-4-6
carrot grated-1 cup
sugar-4 tea spoons
condensed milk-1/2 cup
tutty fruity-1/2 cup
cashew paste-1 table spoon
milk-1/2 litre
butter-2 table spoons
In a pan heat butter and fry the carrot grated in low heat..
To this add sugar and cashew paste too and fry for 5 more minutes and turn off (little bit similar to carrot halwa)
after the let the carrot mixture cool in room temperature.Then,apply some butter to palms and make into a round shaped balls.........keep aside..
Boil milk in medium heat til reach half in quantity and add in condensed milk+cardamom powder..Stir gently and keep aside this...
Now dip the bread slices in little bit of water and put the carrot balls,close the bread and make into a well round shape.......
arrange the prepared BREAD CARROT BALLS in a bowl.....
pour the warm milk on top.....garnish with tutty fruity and some cherries if you like. Refrigerate this for 10-20  minutes and serve chilled........

Award time:
One more award is adding in my space today...celebrate.....sumi @ Sumi's Kitchen shared this liebster award with me..senyum.....thank you so much dear for remembering me n for passing award.....peluk....

Iam passing this award to the following blogger friends..tepuktangan.......

so,friends congrats on your award....menari.....wish you best of luck to all.....sengihnampakgigi..
Happy blogging .......

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