March 19, 2012


I never even imagined that even with ridge gourd also we can prepare a pulav...jelir...mostly i do ridge gourd curry,dal and chutneys. But this is the first time i tried this pulav..i got this recipe from sangeeta of spicy treats.I skipped 2-3 ingredients.but there is no difference in the taste. Thank you so much sangee for introducing this yummy is the recipe...

rice-1 cup
ridge gourd-1peeled and cut into pieces
onion chopped-1 big
tomato chopped-1 big
ginger garlic paste/GGP-1 tea spoon
green chilli- 4
salt-to taste
biriyani masala powder-1 tea spoon
bread-1 cut into cubes
oil-2 table spoons
cumin-1 tea spoon
cinnamon-1 inch stick
wash and soak rice for 15 minutes and cook the rice by adding a pinch of salt,a tsp of and 2 cardamoms....
heat oi in a pan add cumin,cloves,cinnamon,onions,green chilli,GGP and fry well..add in chopped tomatoes and fry til mushy.add in ridge gourd pieces,garam masala mix once...add milk too..cook this for 5 minutes in medium flame til the pieces are add in cooked rice,cashew and bread pieces too.mix all together..serve hot with raita or curd..
my opinion is better to skip the bread.because it gives a sweet taste to the rice......if you like can add it.

Chitra of chitranna shared this nice award with me..peluk......Thank you so much chitra for sharing this award n for remembering me....sengihnampakgigi......

Liebster means dearest in german and as with any award,there is bit of ceremony involved....

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