April 25, 2012

TAGGED BY my friends

Hi friends........Today iam not posting any Recipe....But Iam going introduce two tagged posts..I don`t feel lazy or burden to posts these type of funny tagged posts or any awards posts..Even i like to share the happy words with you all......But Actually i was busy from last 2months with my kids..because my little one as started crawling in the 7th month and he just roams the complete home....I don`t have much time ...Any way i don`t want disappoint my friends who are tagged me....

So,here goes the 1st tagged post....

Sangeeta of recipe-excavator tagged me..

Here goes the wonderful and interesting answers for sangeeata`s tagged Questions..


Iam Usha rani shiva kumar presently staying in foz do iguacu-Brasil with a loving husband and super fast kids- mahadev and mahadhip......Iam very talkative,very helpful,sensitive,short tempered,dare,self respective and 100% positive minded...........

Favourite dish

For Ans to this que I have to think a whole day........hahahaha..Actually i like eat to any thing..i stopped eating NON-VEG in 2008..means Will complete 5 years with this november....Iam going to start from next year again..(My hub is not satisfying with the taste which was i cooked-hehe)

So,finally the ans is EGG..YES......I Just love it....every day i can eat the boiled eggs 2...3.. n more also..The same habit was came to my son-MAHADEV..(MAMA SON NA)

Your best/new try recipe.....

My best recipe was carrot cake..i followed as it is yummytummyaarthi

My new try recipe coconut purnalu(will post soon)

which is your second passion other than cooking

So many are there but the first preference goes to drawing and sketching..(Hmmm..now no time nthng..busy busy.only busy with -KIDS)

At least once have u thought,i could have born as guy or U feel am happy with what iam now?

of course iam happy as a girl,daughter,wife,sister, and a mother...

Love to be home maker or office goer

i like to live as a home maker..no doubt in that..but don`t know how the future will be??....If i
works even i can manage the home and office too..Iam very confident about that..

You prefer instantly publishing or scheduled post..why

presently i have some recipes in scheduled list..iam posting in that way..Mostly I prefers the scheduled sys post only..much easier for me..

Kitchen photo

A very big SORRY......my kitchen is very small and can`t took the pics.......

If you are really upset what is that one thing you do to get distracted?

Nothing...will forget soonly..Bcz i can`t stay without talking.(my hub feels much energetic with my smile face).and i don`t like the dull faces..If i go the particular answer will shares with my husband..

What is your spouse reaction on seeing your new tried recipes out come?

My husband reaction If it is good he just say to be frankly Tasting good or came out perfectly..other wise he just says iam sorry dear this tasting very bad..(he is very straight forward)

About recipe-excavator

Hmmmmm...I think ......Of..course one of the good blog which i visited or visiting..nice cliks..clear explanation..And i like font which she use.......and the lemon clock too.....(hehehhe)

That` it dear sangeeta about me and answers to your questions..hope you satisfied.....and

The other tagged post is here goes.........

gayatrianand-kavithavin-kaivannam tagged me.....

Here goes the answers to her questions--

Introduce yourself

ANS-check the above one

What's your favorite hobby or how do you love to enjoy your time ??

ANS-again check the above one

Which is the place / tourist spot you w*+
ant to go ?


What is your fav. food

check the above one...

What inspired you to create a blog ?

Inspiration means nothing..unfortunately i started..and fortunately i got you all....but I`ll share some happy words here..actually i started this in telugu..because to be frankly saying -iam not at all good in english..but my hub said if you start in english the whole world wide you can get in touch with others na...so,,,i thinked thinked..... finally I changed my first post one the same day into english..iam still continuing it..so,completely this credit goes to him..

How do u feel while u get a award /Tags from other blogger friends ??

of.course.I feel happy..I don`t know whether they really likes me or hates me..but they are remembering me just for a second na..for that iam happy.......that`s it.....

Talk about food photography..do you judge a recipe by the photo posted by the bloggers ?? and when searching for a recipe in search engine say Google, do u look for just recipe or look by images ??
food pictures plays a main role in the recipe or in a blog.whatever it is...I believe that if the pics are good looking in the recipe can proceed to try...or can believe it will come out and tastes good........In the google search i prefers the recipes which iam searching with pics only.....other i can`t satisfied to tried..

Have you tried any recipes from other blogger ?? what's the result ?

Of..course..I tried...and they came out superb..

How happy you will be in getting a comment for your recipe ...??

Obviously happy na..that`s every feeling i think.........

How about taking parts in events hosted by other bloggers ??

I can`t say any answer to this..Bcz from last few days iam not participating in any events..but i appreciate and encourage my friends always........And I can find more n more recipes na..so,happy......hehehehe.

That`s it gayatri.........i hope you satisfied with my answers dear............

Coming to the main part -iam going to tag this-no body............

I don`t want give any strain or stress to my friends......I hope the others will understood who tagged me.....

If any one like to tag can answer the same questions..I don`t mind.......

Iam leaving friends my kids are fighting.....Bye catch tomorrow with a recipe........

Love u all........
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