June 2, 2015


Hi.......guys...how are you all?? Iam stilll quite busy with my kids........My little one is naughty and each and every minute he just wants to sit on my lap....And he sleeps very less too.....So, i have no time to meet you all.......From my heart iam saying missing you all allot.......Still i have some more recipes in my draft list.....Nowadays very difficultly iam getting some time to write this draft posts....Hope within one month my little one will walk..Hope i may get some time to catch you all..
Coming to the recipe it`s very a super easy and tasty dessert...I think you can serve this without any doubts to your kids.....It tastes awesome when you serve chilled....So,just once try this......I hope you guys will like this...

mango pulp-1/2cup
fresh thick curd-1/2litre
sugar-1/4cup(adjust acd 2 ur taste)
cardamom powder-1/2tsp
saffron stands-few(opt)

In thick curd just add sugar mix it and keep aside for 10minutes.....

add saffron stand in milk and keep aside....

now beat the curd well and mix the remaining all ingredients and ekep it in the fridge for atleast 1hour.....

serve chilled........


  1. A must try recipe for this season..bookmarked..

  2. Delicious and very yummy shrikhand...even my lil one doesn't give me much time she's sleeping on my lap now:)

  3. That's a wonderful treat made with mangoes. Lovely dessert :)


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