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May 9, 2012


Hey guys.........How are you all? Iam quite busy with kids and here the weather was so bad..actually winter was started and some times raining n it was cold both kids are suffering from fever and cold(still they are busy in making noise...such a naughty boys...hahaha)

My little one is trying to stand(he is just 10mnths) and he sleeps very less.......and every minute he likes to play with me and his,Obviously there is no time to spend with blog.iam missing you all guys.....and whenever i`ll get some time will catch you you all.........

spinach raita easy and tasty raita and very healthy too.............


spinach chopped-2cups
chopped onions-1/2cup
green chilli chopped-3
salt- to taste
cumin powder-1tsp


heat oil in kadai and fry the cloves,chillies,spinach,and onions.................

add in salt to this and spinach oozes out the water,so fry til it becomes dry and add in curd.......

add in cumin powder and 1/2 cup of water too in the curd..........

serve with biriyanis or pulavs..............


  1. Take care of your kids,lil' one started walking ah?! Nice...enjoy each n every moment with them!!
    Btw palak raitha sounds yummy,sure tastes great with rotis!!

  2. Yummy raitha...Take care of kids and sure that u wont get much time once he is on his foot..:)

  3. This will go so well with some mild pulao. hope your kids get better soon.

  4. Nice unique raita !! interesting one !!

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  5. You shud have your hands full with the kids, enjoy, and I too do this raitha the same way..

  6. Spinach raita looks simple and delicious. But its new to me.

    Now enjoy your time with kids.. :)

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  7. Nice one usha :)

  8. aww........take should really enjoy this age of your kids..time goes by very fast!...nice raita.

  9. By the time you read this comment, I hope your kids are feeling much better. Lots to learn from a baby who is learning to walk. Enjoy the winter and the rain and have fun with your kids. ENjoy the raita

  10. enjoy with kids. raita looks perfect

  11. This sounds like such a good idea to eat spinach with a twist.

  12. 10 month olds are absolutely adorable. Enjoy each and every stage ...don't miss it for any reason. BTW the raita looks awesome. Please check out WTML event at my space and link any entries if you are interested. There is a giveaway too.

  13. Hope your kids are feeling better by now...
    Refreshing and light raita

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