November 26, 2011

BROCCOLI RICE |ONE POT MEALS | Kids lunch box recipes

After seeing so many posts of broccoli in sangeeta`s blog i decided to start using BROCCOLI.....Even my Hubby loves this cool green colour broccoli in mostly salads..I prefers mixing the (cooked) vegetables along with cooked rice instead making biriyanis and pulavs......So, this is the one of the easy and healthy rice which i prepared in lunch..Its very easy to make and you can serve in lunch boxes too.....

So,off to the recipe..........


cooked white rice-2cups
broccoli florets-1cup
chopped onion-1small
GGP/ginger garlic paste-1tsp
green chilli-4-5
salt-to taste
cilantro chopped-hand ful
vangi bath powder-1tsp(can replace with biryani masala)


oil-2 tbspscumin-1tsp
chana dal/bengal gram-1tsp
curry leaves-few


Take the cooked rice in a bowl and separate the grains using fork......

In a pan heat oil and and add all temper ings and fry for half minute.....

Now add onion,GGP and chilli....... fry well til onion change into colour......

Add in broccoli florets mix once add in salt...cover with lid and let it cook for 2 mints or til florets soft.........

Now add in cashews and rice..mix every thing well..............

Finally add cilantro mix lightly..serve hot..........


  1. Flavorful rice ..I love broccoli so very much .

  2. This sure is a healthy recipe.

  3. Broccoli rice sounds very interesting.

  4. Healthy and yummy recipe..looks delicious.

  5. looks so yummy..never thought of this rice till now..feel like doing it after seeing your recipe..

  6. awesome and delicious brocolli rice.


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