December 10, 2012

CHOCOLATE CAKE/egg free best and easy chocolate cake/perfect chocolate cake

Hi........First I really  thank you all for remembering me......after posted my GREEN VEG BATH Recipe on last friday  I Was quite excite to check out the comment box......Almost 4-5 times i checked out the comment box....How curious Iam?.....HEHEHE....
But Iam not disappointed after watching the comments in my blog...I felt really happy....Thank you so much friends for your encouragement and love.Hope It may continues for ever.
Almost 2 weeks are left for christmas and here decorations are started in  all over places like restaurants,pizza huts and shopping mals...Iam in plan to post  some baked goodies for this NATAL.Hope I will.And this is also a  draft post which i tried last month...

Coming to this recipe I adopted this recipe from joy of baking.....I used bread loaf pan instead of cake pan..You can use any of your choice...I followed the exact recipe without any changes of measurements.......And the final result was absolutely gorgeous The cake was so moist,soft and very spongy too......I just drop over 1tsp  chocolate drink on top of the cake..and sprinkled some chocolate shaves.....You can decorate it as you like......So,here goes the recipe...



all purpose flour-1 1/2cups
warm water-1cup
vanilla essence-1tsp
cocoa powder-1/4cup
baking powder-1tsp
baking soda-3/4tsp
lemon juice-1tsp


Preheat oven to 180C...Grease a cake pan or bread loaf pan with butter and sprinkle some flour and spread it well......

Sift all the dry ingredients in  a bowl and add in wet ingredients  one by one.

Mix all the ingredients together until  well blended......

 tip this batter into the  pan and bake it for 30 minutes........

Check it out by inserting a toothpick.If comes out clean the cake was done...Cool the cake on a  wire rack...

Slice it and serve with milk.......

My Notes

It is and egg,vegetarians can have a slice without any guilty...

Use olive oil instead of butter if you feel it is high in calories....I tried it out once..

Frosting gives the rich,If you are interested can do.....


  1. Looks really very moist and yumm..

  2. cake looks so moist,very delicious looking tempting cake...

  3. welcome back Maha... And lovely cake, looks soo moist

  4. super moist, soft n delicious choco cake...well made!!

  5. Hi Maha :)
    u have got a superb space here.. i m so happy u stopped by to comment on mine :)..
    im really busy with two kids and one being a new born its getting really hectic these days..
    i somehow find time to just post mine. But do keep visiting my space :).. it mite take time but i will back to commenting asap :)

  6. awesome cake maha! n congrats on ur new page

  7. yummy! I like chocolate cake so much!! thanks for visiting me & for leaving sweet words at my page..Nice of you..

  8. The cake came out so soft and moisty! I've tried this recipe from it! ;)

  9. Choco cake looks sooper soft and delicious dear...btw Liked your fb page already dear :)
    Prawn Fry On Toothpicks / Eral Fry

  10. The cake looks so moist. Absolutely lovely. I wish I had some sprinkles, kids would love them so much! Thanks for dropping by my space!

  11. This looks super moist and soft..Delicious cake and thanks for lovely words dear and happy to follow you..

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  12. Cake looks super moist ans soft..Tempting one..Thanks for your lovely words and happy to follow you..

    Dish In 30 minutes ~ Breakfast Recipes with Giveaway

  13. wow... cake looks soft and moist... perfect...

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Love this recipe Maha!

  15. woww...color is amazing..loved reading ur post :)

  16. cake looks soft and moist!delicious!

  17. SO soft and delicious chocolate cake. I love it


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