January 7, 2013

HYDERABADI RESTAURANT STYLE CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI / Easy Restaurant style chicken dum biryani with step wise pictures/NEW YEAR GIFT CHOCOLATES

Hi.....friends... A warm welcome to the first monday of new year...How you all guys enjoyed yesterday??Iam with dhips in home.And mahadev gone AQUAMANIA with his dad at 12pm n back at 7pm..It`s long time request of mahadev n finally he enjoyed lot. We couple was so happy..
O.K......Now to recipe....

Finally here Iam with the famous hyderabad chicken dum biryani recipe.......This is the second attempt of mine.....And It was a hit too.This is a special recipe for me because I restarted eating NON-VEG with this biryani....  ..

Hyderabad is the one of the most famous city in INDIA.It is popular for so many historical places like charminar,golconda fort,salarjung museum,birla temple etc....And we can find so many  restaurants and hotels like BAWARCHI,PARADISE,LITTLE ITALY,RAYALASEEMA RUCHULU and HAVMOR etc. .But my bad luck i never tasted food in any restaurants..Biryani means which is loaded with full of spices,powders.....They are so many varities of making biryanis.like VEG,MUTTON,CHICKEN and many more....But chicken biryani is different with other biryanis n its special too...I searched in youtube for exact recipe and followed as it is. AMMA is an excellent expert in making CHICKEN BIRYANI......She used the chicken leg pieces as the main instead of chopped bone pieces... ..So, I just followed her..The ingredients are too many and I framed the pics in one.So,I Hope you guys will like this...If you are non-veg lovers n loves biryanis then definitely have to try this. ....




Basmati rice-2cups
chicken leg pieces-10-12
onions-2 small
green chilli-3
curry leaves-1sprig(opt)
red chilli powder-1tsp
salt-to taste
turmeric powder-1/2tsp
red food colour-2pinches
lemon juice-1tsp
cumin powder-1/2tsp
coriander powder-1/2tsp
biryani masala powder-1tsp
ginger garlic paste-1 1/2tsp
mint leaves-2cups
coriander leaves-2cups

DEEP FRIED ONIONS-1CUP(Chopped length wise)


black cardamom-1
black cumin/shahejeera-1tsp
black pepper-3

black pepper-4


round slices of onion-1
lemon wedge-1


Make a coarse powder (run the mixy to left only once)with ings which mentioned under the list..keep aside this..

Wash the chicken thrice and put slits on top with sharp knife....Chop onions and tomatoes...crush the green chilli like a coarse paste..

Heat a thick bottomed vessel with oil....Add in cumin and saute for half second...

Next continue with chopped onions,tomatoes,chilli paste and cook til they turns soft and lightly mushy..

Add in chicken and mix well....After 3 minutes add all spice powders like-chilli+coriander+cumin+biryani masala and turmeric powders..Add in ginger garlic paste too...mix well to coat the powders to chicken....

Add in crushed spice  powder and mix..Cook this for 5 minutes by  covering a lid....

Continue with adding mint,coriander leaves,lemon juice,yogurt.Mix well every thing and cook in low flame til chicken soft.It may take 20 minutes..

Now check out the chicken.It should be in dry form..If any water is there cook for 5 more without lid..If it is done off the flame and wait until it cools..and  it`s time to keep it in the fridge.....

If you don`t have time to rest it continue with cooking rice....But the resting time gives a best taste...

I followed the above step. I cooked the chicken last night and I made this biryani in  the next day morning....

Heat a cup of oil and deep fry the chopped length wise onions.Drain them on a kitchen paper towel..Add the food colour in warm milk mix once and keep aside.......

Next wash rice twice and keep aside for 30 minutes.....Cook rice by adding the ings which mentioned under....When the rice was cooked 70% drain water and keep aside...

Now heat a vessel or pressure cooker  with oil and add cooked chicken spread it to cover the vessel and add some rice and spread well on top of the chicken...

Now spread the fried onions,mint n coriander leaves and again cover with rice..

Continue with onions,mint n coriander leaves..Finally add the food colour milk and keep a lid....

Heat a tawa or dosa pan and when it is hot put the biryani vessel on top and keep it in low flame..

Cover the lid whole with a small dough ball(i forgotten) and cook this for 15 minutes.

Off the flame when you observe the steam....open the lid after 10 minutes......

Give a good  mix and Serve hot with onion raita........


I skipped green chillies,coriander leaves which are absent in my kitchen :-(

I skipped tomatoes too.Bcz,I don`t like tomatoes in biryani personally...;-]

I didn`t cooked the rice  along with spices.Instead I just cooked out normally.....(For my kids)

I used food colour.If possible its good to use saffron......

Which i mentioned ings to make a coarse powder you can add those directly in oil along with cumin and fry for a minute.....

cooking the chicken and resting time in not very important.You can cook biryani directly.....

Marinate the chicken with given ingredients and rest it for at least 2hrs and start making biryani.Even this method also gives a good result.....

Use 1 1/2 tsps garam masla instead biryani masala..this too works out........

You can replace the oil  with ghee...

Finally serve hot with cool raita......Enjoy the delicious chicken biryani... ......

DH gifted these cutie chocolates on 1st.see d shapes..how cute na?.........

b4 opening-box packed.It`s one of my watch.DH gift on my birthday.




  1. I would say this is a wonderful dish but the boy looks so cute that I had to see his picture twice...:)

  2. I love Biryani.. Your Biryani looks so delicious and inviting..

  3. yummy, tempting and perfectly made dum biriyani

  4. Exotic indeed..I am hungry now seeing this...!

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  8. look at his face, he looks so happy. BTW biryani looks awesome too.

  9. It looks complicated. Should taste complicated too.... Love it

  10. Luv Dum Biryani! U have made it do well, looks very tempting...
    Chocolates looks so delicious n cute...liked ur son's innocent smile :)

  11. Like ur son's smile! The biryani looks delicious!

  12. wow maha superb...wish i was ur neighbour

  13. My favorite biriiyani!!! First time here, glad if u visit my space

  14. Biryani is always a hit and this looks great! The biryani we make traditionally in our family (we are Hyderabadi) is the meat is marinated overnight in yogurt and spices. Then you put the raw meat at the bottom of the pot and some slightly boiled rice on top and bake until everything is done. It's wonderful but I have yet to master it....

  15. delicious biriyani I was searching for hydarabadi biriyani recipe..thank you


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