May 20, 2013


Actually we are in winter with cold breezing winds..I don`t like winter personally,but still Iam trying to spend with cool mind.....Winter brings cold,rains,heavy winds n finally every one in the family starts suffering with cold n cough....MAHADEV attacked on chocolates for the first time on last few days back  n now he is with cough n MAHADHIP don`t likes to wear socks n jacket,SO,obviously without second option he is with cold,cough n fever now....It`s really one of the toughest job to take care of kids in this season.

If it`s winter, I  like to enjoy the weather with a cup of tea along with hot mirchi bajjis If possible..But It`s very very difficult to find besan flour N I missed informing to bring when DH was in India...Hmmm.After coming to here I changed allot n forgot so many foods like pani puri,pav bhaji,bajji, pure fresh sweets,flowers like this many more....Now My big wish is want to taste all foods which I missed here.Just Waiting for the Day......

O.K..O.K...I`l  give a break here.. Coming to the Recipe-It was in my  draft list form a long time..The reason why Iam posting this now is Presently the  people from other sides  are in hot summer n I thought this may gives refreshing with little bit health touch for them..Mint leaves are very rich with  medicinal  properties..N helps in digestion system,gas trouble,headaches etc..If you are interested to know more here you have some info..check this....

I regularly buys MINT leaves to make chutneys,to use in biryanis n pulav n to make BUTTER MILK GREEN N  mostly I prepares this drink..Here the INGS which I used are very familiar and mostly they makes your stomach clean.People who likes to weight loss can make this in large quantity thrice in  a week N for every 1-2 hrs can take a glass....Now Iam in the category of weight loss n trying to control my taste buds very hardly....HEHEHE..

 we have 15-18  types of Mint.Here which you are seeing is different with regular one n it`s available in  all  seasons...



mint leaves-1full bunch
cumin  powder/jeera podi-1tsp
fennel powder/sompu podi -1tsp
carom powder/voma podi/vamu podi -1tsp
pepper powder/miriyala podi- 1tsp
lemon juice- squeeze 1 big
salt- to taste


Cut mint leaves.Wash well and grind into paste....

To this add remaining all INGS and mix well til combines or else run in juice mixy jar and If you have just pour this in a pot to keep cool....

Other wise just take into a bowl or tea jug and have it for evenings in hot summer..

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