July 14, 2013


Here in a chinese shop we get bottle gourd,ridge gourd and bitter gourd..I like to use bottle gourd in sambar specially.But DH don`t likes sambar,so I didn`t make it often in my home.I cook it like curry by adding milk which is our telugu people`s famous dish.

Chana dal is high in calories and protiens...This time I mixed dal n bottle gourd and prepared hot and yummy dal..Here I used chanadal specially for my kids..With ghee I fed them n Mahadev liked it lot..Adding garam masala is an optional.It`s same like tomato dal..But the difference is adding chana dal. You can  replace it with  toor dal. I  can strongly say these kind of dals are healthy for kids...

Bottle gourd/sorakaya/anapakaya-1 very small/cubed 2-3 cups small size pcs
chana dal/senaga pappu- 3/4 cup
salt- to taste
green chillies-4
onion-1 med size
tomatoes-1 med size
tamarind paste-2 tbsps
ginger garlic paste/GGP-1 tsp
chilli powder/karam-1 or 2  tsp(adjust to taste)
dhaniya powder/coriander powder-1 tsp
garam masala-1 tsp (optional)

oil-1 tbsp
mustard seeds-1 tsp
cumin-1 tsp
curry leaves-1 sprig
hing/inguva podi-1/4 tsp

Wash and soak chana dal for 15- 20 mns..
Heat pressure cooker when its hot add  soaked dal with water and chopped onion,tomatoes,green chillies,cubed bottle gourd,chilli powder,ginger garlic paste,tamarind paste and turmeric.Check water level and add if need more...Mix well and pressure cook for  2-3 whistles..
Once the air released remove cap,add salt and  mix once.Don`t stir too much.other wise dal turns too mushy..
Now make talimpu-Heat other pan with oil and add INGS which mentioned and TO TEMPER one by one..Once it splutters add into dal..
Turn on heat now.add in garam masala n coriander(dhaniya) powder and Mix well.After a minute off flame.Add some chopped cilantro,GHEE and serve hot with rotis or rice.
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