October 7, 2013


Hi..First of all Thank you so much each and every one who wished my best friend sandhya on her birthday special post,even you don`t know her..That shows the affection of you all on me/  Mahaslovelyhome.I will convey the wishes of you all to my friend surely..And Excuse me please for not visiting your beautiful blogs,actually from last 3-4 days Iam not feeling good with stomach pain..
Doctor suggested scanning(s) to me for seviour back pain which Iam facing nowadays.So,I took tablets on friday night without dinner and in the morning at 5.30 am felt some pain and it was really fearful n up to 1 hour I screamed like ghost and in the morning at 10.30 am went for examinations.I was with empty stomach for almost 15 hours and even after taking meals also still felt pain on saturday and sunday(little bit)..My god..It was really horrible and more than the tension  my husband annoyed me much for not eating any thing..the truth is he respect food and never shows his anger on food and never rejects food even it is not too tasty..Of course!! I respect food but don`t know why I did n`t took meals on that day night and DH ordered to stop DIET..And  strictly told me to post pone it for next Year..Iam confused and happy to see his love on me..By the way Feeling better now.Hope I will be very fine soon..:)

Coming to the recipe,In varanda  I have little bit place to grow plants like roses or any other flowers..So,I cleaned it up and thrown some fenugreek seeds and after few days got small methi leaves...In the same week pressure cooked some chick peas..To use methi leaves first I planned to mix up with rice..After seeing chick peas changed the Idea and by mixing those two I prepared some rice...So,finally The recipe  came out like this..A must try version if you love chick peas and methi leaves..and the combination works out very well...You can try this with left over rice too.Now to the recipe......


fresh cooked white rice- 1 1/2- 2 cups
chick peas/kabuli chana-1 cup(pressure cooked and drained)
fresh chopped methi -1 cup(I used small varity)
red chilli powder- 1tsp
salt-to taste
garam masala-1/2 tsp
turmeric-1/4  tsp
ginger garlic paste/GGP- 1tsp

black cumin-1 tspoil- 2tsps

cardamom-2 opened

bay leaf-1


Take fresh cooked rice in a plate.let it cool..

Heat a pan with oil and fry black cumin,cardamom,cloves and bay leaf..

Now add fresh chopped methi and and mix well....

After 2 minutes add chick peas and combine well...

To this add red chilli powder,salt,garam masala,turmeric,GGP and mix very well.Cook in medium flame.

After 5 minutes add rice and mix carefully..cook this for one more minute..

Turn off and serve hot with any gravy or rasam..I love with yogurt..



  1. Omg, thats scary, need to diet sis, first take care of u..How is your back pain now.Take enough rest eventhough am sure you might be busy with two lil darlings.

    Rice with chickpeas and fenugreek leaves is just inviting me, wat a nutritious and aromatic one pot meal.

  2. Glad to hear u are feeling better now.Sometimes dieting and starving can give more trouble.
    Wow!fresh methi is from ur garden eh.. then the food looks double yummy to me Usha.

  3. Rice looks so tempting. I can finish that bowl in no time.

  4. The rice looks super tempting. Take care of urself and feel better soon!

  5. take care dear!! very very flavorful and inviting rice looks super yummy :)

  6. see usha, diet doesn't mean that you've to go hungry my friend... keep eating continously but eat healthy, drink loads of water - loads means loads, u know i drink almost 4 litres of water everyday! it will help maintain urself and take good care of ur skin, eat a lot of fruits, n vegetables (the second part does not go well with me), count ur carbos... take care dear... ur health is the foremost for your family... the rice looks delicious, love the flavors...

  7. Rice looks really delicious and healthy.

  8. the rice is very aromatic and nutritious!!!! Get well soon dear!!! take care and do rest...

  9. Very nutritious and healthy pulav, do take care or your health dear...

  10. Take care and feel better.
    Love the pulao. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Take care of your health.. healthy aromatic rice bowl.

  12. oh take care of ur health and healthy combo...

  13. nutritious pulav.
    eat well and take care of your health blogger frnd.dont forget diet firt three letters spell "die". So njoy healthy foods with the right portion sizes..u wud never need to diet again:)

  14. Lovely quote dear. Healthy rice too.


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