November 9, 2013


Hi..Hello....Welcome to MAHASLOVELYHOME....Don`t know how many of you noted down a LOGO which is located  in the right side bar of Mahaslovleyhome page?? I linked it to "ABOUT ME". In the bottom of that page I wrote about this "guest posting"..May be you don`t know that..So,I  thought to do a post like this to reach each and every one with clear details and explanations..

You people may heard about GUEST POSTING..Where the bloggers Invite others to do a guest post and they publish it on  particular day,according to their choices..You may think this is also same like that..But.No..It`s different..Here Instead of inviting others,my self, Iam inviting to your blog to share a Recipe.And I named it as 

 It`s not an event or group or any other celebration..I would like to share "recipes" on your blogs to reach the co blogs and Including me,the co blogger who post my recipe can get the more visitors too.To be honest,the reason behind doing this GUEST POST PARTY Is to,Introduce the Innovative and creative recipes of Mahaslovelyhome. In this,Iam not going to ask any questions..I will mail the detailed recipe with few lines of my Intro and the Intro of co-blogger(who is going to be post the recipe)..If you like you can write few words about me otherwise just share the recipe by naming "A GUEST POST FROM MAHASLOVELYHOME" In your blog.There is no any other  harmful or dis respective action to your blogs,on doing this GUEST POST PARTY from my side...The only motto is to reach the maximum blogs in the BLOG SPHERE.Please,Accept this Invitation with kind, which Iam sending heart fully to each one of you and I hope you girls are ready to spend a valuable day for your friend..(That`s me)

 Well,coming to the main details,

1.You can mention the recipe In your mail/message(Means,category-rice varties,sweets,desserts,snacks/baked goodies etc) of your choice..I will try to mail the your choice recipe.

2.I`ll mail  minimum 4-5 Images with complete recipe details and will share the link of your blog in my Blog when posting..

3.Vegetarians/ Vegan blogs please let me know before...It may easy to me.And, I don`t post BEEF Recipes.

4.You can write what ever you know (at least two lines)about Mahaslovelyhome or about author (me)..Or,Just share the recipe with simple line "A GUEST POST".

5.Please post on FRIDAY and before posting let me know..It`s easy to prepare my post(Images and Intro)

From this november 15th(friday) It`s going to be start..I will mail the recipe n details before friday (or wednesday) to those who accepts/sent mails..Then to the second person  will let you know about the posting day.

Girls,who are Interested  "about my guest posting" please leave a comment here with your mail ID.Or,If you are in my FB friend list please message me..Here Iam also giving my mail ID.So,you can mail,still  If you have any questions or doubts...My mail ID is

Thank you so much for spending your valuable time to read..and thank you all the ladies who replied me in FB on my request about this girls are so much mean to me...:)

Wish me all the best please.. and Waiting for the replies,comments and mails eagerly with positive mind...Once again Thank you and HAPPY BLOGGING


  1. wow!this is so nice,Guest posting is helpful for both sites as the post is viewed by readers of both sites...
    I would like to invite you to spend a day in my blog...
    Let me know if you are interested to be my guest!

  2. hi sis,
    love to see the post here.and am Ramya from LemonKurry and my mail id always excited to have a lovely mom in my space.

  3. Hi, its a gre idea.... I would like to invite you to guest post in my space... let me know your interest.
    My mail id

  4. wow thats an interesting and lovable one dear... :)


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Thank you..

Happy blogging!Happy cooking!

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