April 9, 2014


GAVVALU means shells...The recipe which we are calling as GAVVALU looks like this(below picture) cowrie shells almost.That`s why we call these as GAVVALU...This is one of the indian traditional  sweet recipe which we often make on festival times....Usually I use gavvala chekka/gavvala peeta to make These sweet shells..If you don`t have this no need to worry.You can use a clean comb or fork also..Here I used maida to make these sweet shells,but some people also makes with rice flour and wheat flour too.. and instead of soaking them in sugar syrup you can use jaggery syrup..Using sugar syrup is quite normal.Even I also used sugar syrup here..We can prepare two types of shells.One is with sugar and the second is using chilli powder in hot version..Both versions are very good snack for kids..


Maida/APF-1 cup
cardamom powder-2 tsps
ghee/neyyi-2 tbsp
salt- 2 small pinches
gavvala peeta or cleaned comb or fork

oil-for deep frying


water -1/2 cup
sugar- 1-1/2 cup


Take flour in a bowl and add ghee,salt..Mix well and by using enough water make it like a soft chapathi dough..

Keep it in rest by covering with damp kitchen towel for 20 minutes.

Now heat kadai with enough oil for deep frying.keep this in low flame.

then once again knead dough with oily hands for 5 more minutes and divide into 3-4 portions.

From one portion of dough take a marble size dough ball and press it on gavvala peeta or comb or fork with thumb finger and roll it..You can see the shape(lines) on back side of the dough ball.

Like this prepare all shells and arrange them on paper.

Mean while take sugar and water in a bowl and prepare syrup..

Check the oil and start frying dough shells.deep fry them in medium flame until the shells turns into golden brown color.

Don`t load kadai with lots of shells at a time also fry carefully.

Once after deep frying well,drain them on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

 Check syrup this time,if it ready turn off flame.

When you start frying third batch, soak the first deep fried shells in syrup..

The most Important step is after pouring shells in syrup you should stir it well.Other wise,syrup may crystallize on top of the shells.

So,stir well and remove them into fresh bowl and again pour remained deep fried shells.

Finally,store them in box and serve as snack.

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