July 11, 2014

Avocado milk shake/Avocado healthy break fast juice/Avocado health benefits/Avocado recipes/How to make simple avocado milk shake with ice cream

Avacado is a favourite fruit of this mango devotee hubby darling..he tempts to buy those soft n pulpy avocados in shopping same like this mango lover....He prefers liquid foods like juices,milk shakes and black coffee more than the solid foods.He never feels bore to have this kind of fresh and healthy juices any time....here goes the simple and healthy avocado milk shake recipe......


Promote eye health

Maintain a healthy heart

lMaintain a healthy heart

ower cholesterol levels

Regulate the blood sugar levels

Prevent birth defects 

Reduce strokes risk

Protect against cancer

Cure bad breath

Increase nutrient absorption 

Weight gain


avocado pulp-1 fruit/small
honey/sugar-1 tbsp
milk-1 cups

chilled vanilla ice cream-2 big scoops


Blend all together and serve immediately..

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