July 26, 2014

Besan laddu/Besan ladoo/How to make besan flour ladoo at home/Vegan chick pea flour laddu with ghee/step by step pictures/chick pea flour sweet balls

This is a famous besan laddu recipe which people prepares on festival times and also in ocassion times in india..Fresh besan flour and fresh ghee are the main ingredients in the recipe and using powered suagr gives a nice soft look and taste..If you want can add granulated sugar instead of blending..It is a very simple sweet which can prepare with only 5 ingredients..But roasting flour is the important step in the making of the recipe,otherwise it may get burnt from bottom..When I decided to prepare this laddus i was so tensed about the shape,but luckily successed.See..the pics...how cute they looking....DH was surprised when I said that was prepared by me..Hahahhhaa 



Chick pea flour/besan flour-1 cup+2 tbsp
sugar-1/2 cup
cardamom powder-1 tsp
chopped cashews-2 tsbp
ghee-1/2 cup


Sift besan flour and grind sugar into fine powder..Now in  a pan dry roast  the flour in low flame for 4-5 minutes.but take care to don`t burn flour..

Now in a fresh pan heat ghee and add flour.put flame low..Roast flour until good smell comes out.It may take 10 minutes..Add  cardamom powder this time..

Then add add chopped cashews and  turn off flame.Then add ground sugar and mix with spoon..***REMEMBER 1/4 TH CUP OF SUGAR I KEPT ASIDE AND  USED ONLY REMAINED POWDERED SUGAR.STILL IT IS GOOD IN TASTE.

sure flour mix will be very hot.wait for 5 minutes and apple some ghee to both palms..take some of the flour mix and start making balls.

Once after preparing balls apply a tsp ghee on plate and place the balls.because if you put this hot laddus on  plate bottom of the laddu may stick to late strongly aand it may lose tthe shape..


  1. looks so delicious!!! my kids have been behind me to make some laddoos for them, haven't been able to...

  2. lovely ladoos. Nice clicks too

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