July 17, 2014

Double chocolate banana cake/Wheat flour banana egg less butter less cake/step by step pictures

If i wants to bake for my kids there is no option except chocolate cake..Even though i bake different combination of cakes both little boys are not at all ready taste them..So,what I decided is,to combine other fruits or veggies in chocolate batter...Like chocolate- carrot/banana/beet root/avocado cakes etc..In this kind of blended cakes they may don`t know the taste of banana or carrot..Is n`t it...There is a no option to me except baking cakes for their school snack box what ever i send other stuffs they are bringing as it is back to home..From last 15 day my both kids stayed at home because of winter holidays.Whole 15 days the only question which i listened from my elder 4 yrs old boy was,mom am I have school today??Hahahahah.. his little brother irritated and gave lots of suffer to him and at one stage he was tired and told to kill his brother...But,still he loves his brother..Yes..they both loves with each other and never likes to spend alone..It is the reason behind sending 2 yrs old little boy to school..Yesterday school is re opened again, and the went happily..I thought that I can,spend the free time with peace mind,but it was boring and did n`t liked the silent home..Home is a not home without kids.Am I right???

Coming to this it is a banana folded chocolate cake with handful of chocolate chips.So,a double dose of chocolate to enjoy..It is egg free and butter free..Also,you can use complete 2 cups of wheat flour instead of using APF/Maida... Here I used white sugar,If you want can go with brown sugar..Because of banana puree it does n`t need 2 cups sugar I felt and reduced to 3/4th..Take care of sugar quantity before going to add..Other wise it may turns too sweet.Cake was spongy,fluffy but rich in taste with chocolate chips.Try it and enjoy.



all purpose flour- 1 cup
wheat flour-1 cup
sugar-2 cups (but i used 1 3/4 cup)
 any vegetable oil-1/4 cup
milk-1/4 cup
baking powder-1 tsp
baking soda-1/2 tsp
banana puree-1 cup (3 banans)
vanilla essence-1 tsp(I skipped)
salt-2 pinches
cocoa powder-3/4 cup
chocolate chips-handful


Pre heat oven at 180 degree c.

butter the tin or glass bowl and dust with some flour and keep it aside..........

mix flours,soda and baking powder,soda,cocoa and salt.............

In a bowl add sugar,milk,vanilla,oil and banana puree and fold it well..

combine both dry and wet ingredients and mix well together.....Finally add in chocolate chips and give a good mix gently..

tip this batter into cake tin...and bake for 25-30 minutes......

check this by inserting a tooth pick and cool it on a wire rack...........

decorate as per your choice......slice it and serve....

wheat flour+all purpose flour+cocoa+baking powder+salt+oil

bananasin blender+puree+milk (last pic is sugar.but mistakenly added other one which not related to this..excuse plz..)

mix every thing n apply oil to glass bowl.add c chips to batter.fold it into glass bowl.I used 3 bananas




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