July 9, 2014

Egg free butter free orange cake with fresh orange juice and condensed milk/step by step pictures/Egg less orange cake with chocolate frosting/

I already posted orange cake around 2 years back.But,It is not my favorite,even my two little naughties also don`t likes it very much.They prefers only chocolate cakes.(Demons) love But we people blessed with lots of oranges here in foz.So,obviously,orange juice is a common drink at my home every day in the evening.,As usual i prepared a big jar orange juice few days back and after drinking up remained around a cup of juice.To use that left over juice I tried this orange cake and routine chocolate cake in the same day..It is an egg less and butter less version,and for more healthy,you can also replace all purpose flour with wheat flour,but add 1-2 tbsp extra orange juice to balance the batter consistency.Condensed milk gives a good sweet taste in this cake,but still you can use sugar in place of that if you want.The aroma of the cake was so good with orange flavor and I skipped orange zest.Yup..That`s called laziness...senyum

Actually Iam very poor in decorating cakes.But,this time i was in mood to decorate.So, took some chocolate chips and melted them.After frosting well refrigerated fro some time.finally on top of the cake and sprinkled some color shaves.Here is the complete recipe with pictures.check it and try it..


all purpose flour-1 1/4 cups
condensed milk-3/4 cup
oil-4 tbsp
baking powder- 1 1/2 tsp
baking soda-1/2 tsp
orange juice-1/4 cup
orange zest-1 tsp
milk-1/4 cup
sugar-1/4 cup
any flavored jam-1 tsp


1.preheat the to 180 degree C..apply oil or butter to the baking tin and dust it with flour. or place equal size of butter paper and apply oil on it.

2.add oil,milk,orange juice,sugar,condensed milk and orange zest in a bowl.mix well.

3.add in flour,baking powder,jam and soda and mix well.

4.finally add fistful of tutti frutti and fold together well.pour this batter in baking tin and bake for 30-40min.

5.to check insert a knife and if it comes out clean then the cake is ready to remove.

6.cool it on a wire rack for some time.slice and serve........


In a bowl take 1 cup of chocolate chips.Add 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp milk to it.In double boiler method melt it completely.Wait until it reaches to room temperature. then frost on cool cake.Sprinkle some shaves on top and refrigerate for few minutes and serve.


If you want you can add any of your favorite nuts too.Replace APF with wheat flour for healthy version.

Replace sugar with condensed mil with same quantity.

You can use butter in the place of oil.

Vanilla is allowed in this,but I don`t have that in kitchen.

Adding jam is optional.But gives a good taste.





  1. Lovely cake dear...feel like having one slice...looks too good

  2. Healthy and delicious cake, looks very nice..

  3. I love orange flavoured cakes. Like to taste a huge slice.

  4. I love the combination of orange and chocolate... always a winner...


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