July 8, 2014

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Mixing rice with different vegetables/leaves and spices is my weakness.Instead of having plain white rice in lunch I like to fold it with veggies.This time I used green chick peas and fresh mint leaves to mix up with rice.But,instead of red chili powder went with black pepper powder which gives a mild hotness to rice.You can replace green chick peas with kabuli chana also.After so many trails,what I came to know is mint leaves plays a best role when you add them in rice.Like you can imagine the pulav n biryani recipes where mint gives a fresh and aromatic feel.In the same way,in this kind of fried rices or one pot meals, more than the cilantro leaves mint gives true flavor and best taste.When you have some fresh mint leaves in hand instead of wasting them,just mix it up with rice along with any other vegetable..Like you can use potato,cauliflower,brinjal,mush room or paneer...This combination matched perfectly and it`s worth to try..This is an absolutely healthy rice for kids even for elders..match some curd and pickle and serve hot..Also,you can pack this rice,in lunch box too...

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cooked rice- 2 cups
salt-to taste
Ginger garlic paste(GGP)- 1 tsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
garam masala-1 tsp
coriander+cumin powders- 1/2+1/2 tsp
onion-1 big
bay leaf- 1 big
cinnamon-1 inch piece
green cardamom pods-2
black cumin-1 tsp
oil-2 tbsp
mint leaves fresh-chopped 1 handful


Heat a pan with oil and saute cloves,bay leaf,cinnamon,green cardamom pods,black cumin.

Now heat a pan with oil n add in GGP,onions and saute well.After 1 minute add pressure cooked chick peas and mix well.Then add salt,turmeric powder,garam masala,cumin+coriander powders, and combine well.

After 2 minutes add in rice and fold carefully.then finally mix pepper powder and combine every thing finely.

Turn off and serve hot with pickle and curd.

Black pepper health benefits:

1.It helps in Weight Loss and good for the Stomach.

2.According to Ayurvedic medicine, black pepper also helps to prevent ear-aches and gangrene. It is also good for conditions of herniahoarseness and insect bites

3.It is also commonly used to treat conditions of tooth decay and toothache. In ancient times, pepper was also administered to treat vision problems.

4.Pepper may cause sneezing. Patients who have undergone abdominal surgery should not add excessive pepper to their diet because it can have an irritating effect on the intestines. 

5.It is also not good for people with ulcers. Black pepper should not be taken in high concentrations, and if you show signs of an allergic reaction, discontinue its use and consult a doctor!


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