November 30, 2014

Sweet corn boiled egg sandwich | Easy sandwich recipes for kids | Kids snack box recipes | lunch Ideas for kids | Evening snacks recipes for kids

It is a filling sandwich which is prepared with kids favorite sweet corn,cheese and boiled egg..It is a combination of this three ingredients and I used pepper for mild spicy taste...This sandwich so easy to make and for kids snack box on to give in the evening times suits perfectly..I usually bakes chocolate cakes by folding beets,carrot every time with different ingredients like honey,brown sugar,curd etc...But,Mahadev started eating sandwiches too nowadays and ofcourse kids loves cheese..So,with lots of cheese in the filling mixture  prepared this sandwich and if the boiled eggs are ready,you can finish this in 10 minutes...Can use white bread also,but I here I took wheat bread...Serving with ketchup is a very good idea and next time make this and send it in your children snack box. for a change..


Boiled egg-1
sweet corn-1/2 cup (I used canned)
Carrot finely grated- 1 tbsp
Black pepper powder-1 tsp
salt-to taste
chat masala-1/4 tsp (optional)
Wheat bread slices-4-6
Mozarella cheese-finely chopped 1/4 cup or 2 slices chopped
cilantro leaves- few finely chopped


Except bread take all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well with spoon..

Now take bread and spread the mixture evenly and layer other bread..

Cook it in sandwich maker until done..Serve hot with ketchup..:)

Brown chick peas fry | Chana fry | Senagala talimpu | Festival snack recipes | Brown chickpea recipes | Chickpea recipes | Andhra recipes

This is the post which is in draft from last 2-3 months I think..Don`t know why..few posts makes me lazy to write/ post and they sit  in draft for months..Not only this,I have more than 10 recipes in draft still. Nowadays,Iam cooking 2-3 recipes in a day and taking step wise pictures too..These days,more than food pictures/food photogrpahy Iam concentrated on recipes and just clicking the final recipe with simple presentation..If the light is much enough,the picture will get a clarity.So,Just taking care of light and brightness..So,Now you can imagine how many recipes I have to work out..Hahahaa..Some times,my anxiety forcing me to post more than 2 recipes in a day but,still thinking to decide..I want to make FB page of Mahaslovelyhome popular..Hope,soon it will get good applause..


Pressure cooked chickpeas-1 cup
red chili powder-1 tsp or 2 tsps
salt- to taste
coriander powder-1/2 tsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
onion-1 small

Oil-2 tbsp
mustard seeds-1/2 tsp
cumin-1 tsp
urad dal-1 tsp
hing/asafoetida-2-3 pinches
dry red chili-2-3


Heat pan and add oil..Fry ingredients which given under oil and throw finely chopped onions..

Next add chickpeas and mix well..Now add all spice powders and combine every thing.. saute for 5 minutes in low flame..

Serve hot along with hot tea...

November 29, 2014

Dry fruits n nuts curd rice | Easy curd rice varities | Kids friendly recipes | Rice recipes for school age kids | Easy Lunch box ideas | Thayir Sadam

Curd rice is one of my favorite one pot meals to have any time...To bring a change on regular curd rice Iam trying new varities....Already posted carrot curd rice,Beet root curd rice,oats curd rice and now this is dry fruits n nuts curd rice...Isn`t that sounds delicious??

Brinjal spicy fry | Eggplant fry | Vankaya vepudu | Easy south indian vegetarian fry recipes | How to make aubergine fry | Bachelor cooking | Recipes in 15 minutes



Brinjal/vankayalu/eggplant-5 small
onion-1 small
red chili powder-2 tsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
garam masala-1/2 tsp
ginger garlic paste-1 tsp
cumin+coriander powders-1/2 tsp+1/2 tsp
cilantro leaves fresh finely chopped-few
oil-2 tbsp
cumin-1 tsp
mustard seeds-1 tsp
urad dal-1 tsp
curry leaves-1 sprig
dry red chili-1


Wash and chopp brinjals finely..then put in salted water bowl to avoid color change.

Heat flame under non stick pan and add oil...Fry cumin,mustard seeds,urad dal,red chili for half minute and add chopped onions..

Add GGP also and fry til brown..Squeeze out water in brinjal pieces and throw in pan.. Mix every thing..

Start adding all spice powders and combine every thing well..Close with lid and cook for 10 minutes in low flame..

If it starts burning add 1-2 tbsp water and mix...Cook til brinjal turns soft and throw cilantro leaves..

Serve hot with rice n curd.

Radish coconut fry | Mullangi kobbari vepudu | Radish recipes | How to make radish fry in 15 minutes | Indian radish recipes

Easy radish fry with coconut which is perfect for as side dish for rotis and hot white rice.. :)



radish chopped -1 cup pieces
fresh or dry coconut powder-1/4 cup
mustard seeds- 1 tsp 
cumin- 1 tsp 
red chili -3 
curry leaves- few
green chili -4
chopped coriander leaves-few
oil-2 tbsp


Heat on under pan and fry mustardseeds,cumin,red chili,curry leaves,green chili for a minute and add finely chopped radish pieces..

Put salt and cook til radish turns soft..May be for 10 minutes in low flame..If it burning add 1 tbsp of water..

Once after radish cooked well,add coconut powder and mix well..Cook for 4-5 minutes in low flame and turn off..

Sprinkle some fresh chopped coriander leaves and mix..Serve hot with rice along with raita..

Friday with a friend 4th Guest post In Mahaslovelyhome by Gita of gita`s kitchen | Mutton Sambar | Goat meat Recipes | South indian Lamb meat recipes

It`s time for another guest post in Mahaslovelyhome..Today we are going to meet Githa Shankar who is another food blogger...I met her in FB and really her recipes very impressive...She shares completely healthy recipes which are very very useful for diabetic patients..Gita blog recipes are perfectly healthy and low in calories...What else we need more than the good health?? I don`t know about others,but I gives first preference for health..Yes..After facing three surgeries,seviour back pain I understood that health is very Important more than the money and other things..When the minute when I browsed her space "Gita`s Kitchen" really felt very happy and pinged githa...After knowing her caring on health I was impressed and today feeling very happy to introduce her here..Thank you so much Githa for accepting my request and I loved the recipe.Now mutton available in my place..So,definitely will try one day... 

November 28, 2014

Beet root stuffed Paratha | Beet root Roti | Indian flat bread recipes | stuffed paratha recipes | beet root recipes | How to make beet root paratha | easy indian break fast recipes | Healthy dinner Ideas


Milk shakes varities | Milk shakes recipes | Types of milk shakes | Different types of milk shakes | Fresh fruit Milk shakes | How to make fruit milk shakes | kids friendly milk shakes | Healthy milk shakes

Milk shakes are healthy and tasty which gives a refreshing feeling..Instead of taking tea or coffee,it`s very healthy take this kind of milk shakes in the break fast time..The reason behind this post is to introduce how many milk shakes we can prepare...So,here Iam giving the different kinds of milk shakes names which we can prepare in day to day life...

Egg free butter free beetroot double chocolate cake | Eggless butter less beets chocolate cake | How to make healthy beets choco cake without butter and eggs | kids friendly snack cakes

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Home made bread crumbs | How to make bread crumbs using left over bread | How to store bread crumbs | basics

Bread crumbs are on the most useful yet basic ingredient which need in deep frying recipes or snacks recipes.It is a not a recipe actually but a basic needed option to finish a recipe.I heard that store bought bread crumbs are costly also may not be fresh so thought to share home made method which is helpful..Using dry bread slices any one can make bread crumbs at home easily.

November 27, 2014

Mango Kulfi | Simple mango kulfi with cool whip cream | Mango recipes | Summer recipe ideas | How to make mango kulfi ice cream at home

I think,Iam giving lots of importance to MLH...yeah...First time,feeling that Iam spending lots of time for MLH in regular life..To keep myself busy I started working for MLH and later took it seriously,then concentrated on photography,presentation,writing part etc..But,now I feel it`s not getting good popularity which is worth to it.I don`t know how much Iam right or not? but,honestly I feel it need good recognization...May be it folded with some hard work which I don`t know,but I want to work on it from now seriously..Posting 700+ recipes with notes,pictures is not an easy job which included lots of dedication .. Apart of all these this year,I didn`t concentrated on my elder son studies which are important  as basics...I think it is the time to think about my kids studies more than the MLH.It does n`t mean MLH is going to take break.It just going to face a new makeup with good ideas...I hope you people continues this support and make MLH much prominent..

Naankhatai | Indian popular eggless sooji biscuits | eggfree chick pea flour cookies | How to make egg free semolina besan flour biscuits | Step by step pictures

These are indian popular cookies called naankhatai...Besanflour and sooji are main ingredients in this egg less cookies recipes..You can use powdered white sugar..

Tags: semolina cookies,semolina recipes,rava recipes,rava biscuits,egg less besan cookies,egg less semolina cookies,Egg free sooji biscuits,Eggless chick pea flour cookies,egg free cookies,easy cookies recipes,garbanzo flour cookies,galletita de garbanzo farinha,indian baking recipes,indian cookies,indian easy egg less biscuits recipes



All purpose flour(APF)-1/3 cup
sooji/semolina/rava-1/3 cup
besan flour/chick pea flour//senaga pindi-1/2 cup
sugar-2/3 cup (powder sugar is best )
butter-1/2 cup melted
soda-1/4 tsp
baking powder-1/2 tsp


Preheat oven at 200 degree C.Line a parchment paper in baking tray and grease butter on it..

Take butter in a mixing bowl add in sugar and mxi until sugar dissolves..

Next add sooji,flour,soda,baking powder and mix well...

Now add in chick pea flour and fold it with batter carefully..

Make it like soft dough and now apply tsp of oil or butter to your palms and start making cookies in equal shapes ..

Place cookies in tray..on each cookie stick an almond or cashew (if you like) and bake for 15 minutes or until changes color brown on top or til crispy...


Mixing sugar well is you can see the sugar crystals on cookies.It`s because of skipping mixing well.

These cookies don`t takes much time,so,don`t forget to check after 10 minutes..

Use fine sooji and powder sugar works best in this recipe.

Cardamom powder also gives a nice flavor to cookies..Replace APF with wheat flour if you like.

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