November 27, 2014

Mango Kulfi | Simple mango kulfi with cool whip cream | Mango recipes | Summer recipe ideas | How to make mango kulfi ice cream at home

I think,Iam giving lots of importance to MLH...yeah...First time,feeling that Iam spending lots of time for MLH in regular life..To keep myself busy I started working for MLH and later took it seriously,then concentrated on photography,presentation,writing part etc..But,now I feel it`s not getting good popularity which is worth to it.I don`t know how much Iam right or not? but,honestly I feel it need good recognization...May be it folded with some hard work which I don`t know,but I want to work on it from now seriously..Posting 700+ recipes with notes,pictures is not an easy job which included lots of dedication .. Apart of all these this year,I didn`t concentrated on my elder son studies which are important  as basics...I think it is the time to think about my kids studies more than the MLH.It does n`t mean MLH is going to take break.It just going to face a new makeup with good ideas...I hope you people continues this support and make MLH much prominent..


Coming to the recipe,it`s a popular recipe in india and also in few other countries which don`t need much introduction..In some particular time,I watched some kulfi recipe posts in blog world which forced me lot to try out...So,to finish my anxiety,i tried this kulfi,with my favorite fruit "mango" Mango kulfi is one of the best and famous which appears often in summer time north india..Long time back I bought ice cream mould stand,but my carelessness missed it..Also,It`s not possible to find kulfi molds in my place,i just went with disposable glass.There is lots difference in between using authentic kulfi mold and plastic glass..But,still I loved the result which was totally eye catching...The essential step in kulfi making is avoiding the formation of ice crystals..You can see the pictures,which are very clear with closeup for a conformation...In the above pic,you can see ice crystals on top but when it removed completely from glass it was very tasty with nice mango flavor..Also,there are so many variations are there in making thsi kulfi,but this is easiest method which you can finish in 10 minutes,but freezing part is normal and  it is must for best result....This is the first trial of mine and now decided to buy new mold stand..then definitely will share other kulfi recipes too...


Fresh mango pulp-1 cup
cream-1/2 cup
milk-1/3 cup
sugar-1/4 cup
cardamom powder-1 tsp
pistachios crushed -2-3  tsps

Kulfi moulds or disposable glasses


Set all the ingredients one side..

Start mixing one by one in a mixing bowl.. 

pour batter in glasses or kulfi moulds and  cover top with aluminium foil and put ice cream stick in the middle of the glass..

freeze for 8-10 hours or over night for best result..Don`t disturb the glasses in between..

Remove out after finishing freezing time and sprinkle lots of chopped nuts and serve chilled.


The more mango pulp you add,the more tasty kulfi will cherish you..

Skip milk and use only thcik fresh cream for rich taste

Add condensed milk instead of sugar..

Using blender run in mixy jar to avoid ice crystals..

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