December 2, 2014

How to cut Pineapple | Basics | Home made basics | Miscellaneous | How to freeze fresh pineapple chunks | How to choose good pineapple

It is not a recipe,but a very useful post for every one....May be it looks like a simple or silly one,but when the time you want definitely it`s a helpful post..Even When I took pineapple in hands was confused to cut..So,for an Idea browsed in you tube and those videos are very helpful...Here Iam giving step wise pictures which are very clear and I hope these helps you all...If you are going to buy pineapple next time,check this post and go with fruit and cut it easily..Here,Iam sharing some useful tips also..Have a look..:)

Choose a Good Pineapple

Choose a pineapple that has firm, gold to brown skin (not too green) with green, loose leaves (not brown or wilted). A ripe pineapple will have a strong, fresh pineapple smell.

To peel the pineapple you will need a long knife (I used sharp knife which we use in kitcehn daily)because it is slightly flexible making it easier to follow the contour of the pineapple.

Smell from the bottom to get the most accurate aroma. The pineapple must smell sweet and fresh. If you detect an odor that suggests fermentation or there is no sweetness present, skip that pineapple.

Some green on the sides of a pineapple is OK, but the entire pineapple should not be green. A good pineapple is typically golden on the bottom. Avoid pineapples with visible bruising.

The pineapple should be firm. It will give a little to firm pressure. If the pineapple feels soft and mushy, then it is overripe. The pineapple should be heavy for its size.


Big pineapple fruit
chopping board
sharp knife
zip lock bag

Use a cutting board and place washed pineapple.

Using a sharp knife, cut the crown  part and slice the skin off the sides, going from top to bottom.

Cut as thinly as possible. Leave as much flesh as you can remaining on the pineapple. the sweetest part of the pineapple is the most outer flesh.So,careful..

Take these all into a big vessel and add 2 cups of water and boil for 10 minutes..Then strain the water..You can use this water which tastes with mild pineapple flavor..So,for this step you should wash pineapple first very well..

Remove the eye spots.Eye spots will all line up in diagonal rows on the pineapple. Cut a V-shaped groove along the diagonal line to remove each set of eye spots. 

Cut pineapple carefully remove the center stem part in each pineapple slice..then cut into chunks..

You can use to make juices,milk shakes or pour them in ziplock bag and freeze..Up to 15-20 days pineapple stays good.


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