December 12, 2014

Peanut Pakora | Peanut Deep Fried Fritters | Palli pakoda | Quick and easy snacks for kids | Tea Time Snacks

No need to give any introduction to this simple post,I know how you all feeling after watching the title of the recipe..If you are a peanut lover like me,then definitely,this recipe brings a smile on your cute face..Am I right??!! I have said so many times that  I love peanuts lot..This fritters came out suddenly in kitchen without any pre planing..Hehehehe..
What,Iam trying to say is,actually I prepared besan flour batter for raw banana pakoda,after deep frying remained some batter,so to use that left over batter,poured handful of peanuts and fried. Though unexpectedly prepared these fritters, my heart forced strongly,to share in the blog...It`s a simple snack to enjoy any time,specially in the evening times it goes well with some hot tea.I know.Specially in winter times it`s a nice snack to enjoy.Try and enjoy..:)

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Chick pea flour/besan flour/senaga pindi-3/4 cup
peanuts-1 cup
red chili powder-1 tsp
salt- to taste
hing/inguva- 2 pinches
water-as needed to make batter
oil-for deep fry
soda-2 pinches


Take flour in bowl.Add in red chili powder,salt,soda,hing and using water make it fine batter.Add water slowly and don`t make it too thin..

Heat oil in a kadai and pour peanuts in besan batter..mix well and check oil is hot or not..

Now,throw peanuts in oil and fry in medium flame..Don`t fry for a long time,peanuts don`t take much time basically..Here I used dry roasted peanuts.If you use raw/fresh peanuts fry for 2 more minutes..

Remove them on a kitchen paper towel and sprinkle chat masala on top if you`s an optional...
serve hot with Tea..

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