December 3, 2014

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Til now posted so many different kind of fruit juices,milk shakes and smoothies recipes,but I missed pineapple and today adding pine apple recipes also...Iam not a big fan of pine apple fruit,but it does n`t mean I hate this big hard looking tall fruit...Just feels lazy to chop it..:) But DH brought last few days a big pineapple and I kept it out side for 1 week almost..This is the plus point with Pineapple,,Can put in room temperature for 10 days almost..So,last few days,decided to use the whole pineapple and prepared 4 drinks recipes and 2 desserts..Also,clicked some pictures while cutting the fruit to show that how easily we can chop this fruit..Will post it tomorrow and today Iam introducing first pineapple recipe In Mahaslovleyhome.It is a simple juice which is blended with ginger I used dry ginger powder (sonti podi),but you can use fresh chopped ginger pieces or can use both for strong flavor and taste..


Pineapple chopped pieces -1 1/2 cups I used fresh (can use canned)
Dry ginger powder-1/2 tbsp
water-1 big glass or 2 cups
lemon juice-1/2 tbsp (optional)


 Blend pineapple,ginger powder in mixy jar until turns smooth and soft.then add water,lemon juice (if you use) and blend once again for 1/2 minute...

Serve chilled with pineapple piece..

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