December 22, 2014

Restaurant Style Chicken dum biryani | Easy and popular Chicken Dum Biryani | Hyderabad famous dum chicken biryani recipes

Iam here today with another chicken biryani recipe,Til now posted 10 different biryani recipes and this is also one of the famous biryani of hyderabad city..Biryani is the popular significant food of hyderabad.If you visit HYD don`t miss tasting biryani..There are so many biryani are there with slight changes in cooking method..Basmati rice,chicken legs pieces,green herbs and spices are the most important ingredients to make any biryani.
In this biryani,we first marinate the chicken..then cooking rie and finally layering.the process of the biryani  is less,but the cooking time is more,because of using raw marinated chicken in dum method may takes longer time,but it`s worth trying to taste the delicious biriyani....If you are chicken biriyani lover must try this recipe without any late..Don`t miss sharing your pictures,if you have tried any recipes from MLH...:)




chicken drum sticks-900 grams or 1 kg
red chili powder-to taste
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
curd-1/2 cup
*fresh garam masala-1 tsp
ginger garlic paste-1 tbsp
lemon juice-2 tsp
mint and cilantro leaves- handful
fried onions-1/3 cup


Basmati rice-2 cups
oil-1 tsp
bay leaf-1
cardamom pods-2
cinnamon stick-1 small 

2.fennel seeds-1 tsp 
3.cumin-1 tsp 
4.cardamom pods-1 
 7.bay leaf-1 
mint leaves-1 cup 
cilantro leaves-1 cup 
food color-2-3 pinches +milk-1/4 cup 


Wash and marinate chicken with given ingedients for over night or 1 hour  atleast..Wash and soak rice for 30 minutes...Heat a vessel with enough water...Add rice when water starts boiling...

Add salt and other ingredients which mentioned under FOR RICE..Cook rice 70% and drain in colander..

Heat a vessel with 1/4 th cup of  oil and fry sliced 2 big onions until brown and add few in marinated chicken..

then remove remaining fried onions and keep them in plate to use in the final.. in another pressure cooker or thick bottomed big vessel add spices from 1 to 7.

Then add marinated chicken and mix well..Heat a heavy bottomed pan and place this cooker....spread rice on top and add mint and cilantro leaves,fried onions ,finely chopped lemon slices 2,n warm milk which ix mixed up with food color.

if you like can add add some ghee and dry fruits and nutsfor rich taste.close with lid and put a heavy weight on topcook for 25 - 30  minutes in low flame.

Timing is depended on chicken pieces size, your vessel+ pan thick ness, and gas flame..I kept it on big burnol (in low flame) and the pan n vessel are thick bottomed..For me, it was ready in 30 minutes...

So,depending on all these,cook your briyani..if the chicken pieces are too big may take 10-15 minutes more.Don`t over mix the biryani,while it is on stove,don`t open lid often to check..

In this collage I have shared the picture of empty vessel(last one) which used to cook can see that it is ifne without any burnings in thr bottom..


  1. Who doesn't love briyani's....looks spot on!

  2. love the spread,so tempting n yummy!

  3. I wish I could grab that plate... yum...

  4. Wow! super inviting and making me super hungry. Love anything cooked with rice.

  5. Yummy biryani dear..Lovely collection of biryani you have

  6. yummy briyani dear. Love the spices

  7. Lovely platter, wanna grab now..

  8. I just go crazy on biryani infant whole family i am gonna try this yummier yummyyyyyy


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