December 10, 2014

Sao Paulo Style Butter less Christamas Fruit Cake | Fruit Cake With Rum Soaked Dry Fruits And Nuts | Christmas Cakes


Christmas is on the way...From next week,Mahas Boys school declared holidays, up to february home will be noisy,messy..Already christmas fun started in foz. Every where,people decorated christmas trees with lots of colorful balls,lights,garlands,different kind of baubles and colorful bells.. Iam going to arrange the christmas tree this week..will share the pictures,after decorating the tree..O.k..Coming to the recipe,I have shared few cakes and cookies recipes last year in the same christmas time,but this year,concentrated only on fruit cakes..This is the first fruit cake which I tried last two weeks back,which is famous in sao paulo (a state in brasil which near to parana)..Though,you know many fruit cakes recipes,this will be very new to you all..Yes...It is a cake which folded with rum soaked fruits n nuts,oil,eggs and sesame seeds.Yes.Sesame seeds also included in this cake...It `s sounds wonderful right?? To confirm it,you can see the step wise pictures below which are perfectly shown...Here I used rum soaked fruits which I have made last year..Yeah...prepared rum soaked fruits in bulk quantity last year and made 3 cakes,to finish those remaining made two cakes this month...Next week will share second version of fruit cake,don`t miss it..Now,check this and try  at home...Don`t forget to share your lovely comments and suggestions which are very valuable..

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Wheat flour-2 cups
baking powder-1 tsp
baking soda-1/2 tsp
sugar-1 cup
coconut milk-1 cup
olive oil-1/2 cup
rum soaked dry fruits n nuts-1 cup or 200 grams
sesame seeds-100 grams (1/2 cup) I used white sesame

You can use any I used,
Cashews,walnuts,almonds,raisins,dried apricots,tutti frutti,brasil nuts,black raisins,dried chopped figs.

If you want without alcohol take fruits in bowl and add 1/2 cup fresh orange juice.Rest it for 1 day minimum and use in cake...


In a mixing bowl break eggs,add in oil,sugar...Mix well until sugar dissolves..

Add in flour,baking powder,soda and mix until it combines...

Now throw in dry fruits+nuts,sesame seeds and mix well..

Now preheat oven at 200 degree C.. Take cake tin or glass bowl and grease butter or oil completely..Then dust flour in all sides and pour cake batter...

Place in oven and bake for 40 minutes..check with tooth pick.It should come out clean ,or if it is sticky,bake for 10 more minutes and turn off..

Let it cool and slice..Serve with milk..If you like,on top the cake suing tooth pick put some wholes and pour rum with spoon..(may be 1 tbsp) it`s optional.


Here I used,wheat flour.If you use all purpose flour,you need to add 1/4 cup more flour may be..

Cake batter should be in medium texture..not too thin or too thick..after mixing every thing,you can check it,it needs some technique,which you get slowly when  baking often...

Measurements are perfect and clear.oven time may be different for each,keep an eye on cake..check after 30 minutes exactly, n check for each 10 minutes..

Dusting cake tin/glass bowl with flour is important for a perfect shaped cake...

If the orange juice(which you use to soak dry fruits n nuts) is thick and sweet in taste,adjust the sugar can brown sugar also.


Hi.......This is Maha..Thank you so much for visitng my space and for your valuable and comments..Any doubts about recipes you can comment.Aim and reason of This blog is to introduce recipes and It`s my interest ..PLEASE Please..DON`T give and paste any Htmls and event links. Vulgar comments will be deleted..Strictly requesting..Don`t SPAM HERE...
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