January 31, 2015

Friday With a Friend 9th Guest Post by Aara Shaikh | Mango Paneer Phirni | Instant Phirni with Mango And Paneer | Quick And Easy Sweets |

Welcome to today`s guest post..Today we are going to meet a super smart girl who stays in touch with friends/alive in FB, whatsApp mostly (Hehehehehe..just kidding..She loves friends actually)
She is Aara Shaikh from Sweets&Spices...A young and energetic girl who loves cooking,tries all kind of recipes,that too in easy method..I love the way she explores her opinions,thoughts,Ideas directly in decent way by using FB..
We are in touch from a long time and chats often regarding blogging,home,life,kids every thing..She is one of my good friend in blog world,who is very caring,encouraging,loving...After getting marriage I came to know that how precious maiden life.So,My dear girl.I would like to suggest to enjoy this present single life with caring family as much as possible and keep going like this always with full of smiles and courage..

Let`s check Aara Lovely Recipe and answers...

1.about you few words which we don't know
1) Im a very simple girl and some find me very sweet sweet chubbly bubbly girl if they are added to me in social networking sites. But In real im a very different person. I do not mingle so very easily unless and until I know the other person quiet well. But the skills to interact over online has changed me a lot in many ways!!  

2. 3 photography tips or kitchen tips
2) I do love photography and specially in my blog I like to display a clear cut view of every pic. Our readers who would like to try our recipes should get an idea on how the end product will look like!! When the food is decorated or garnished from top make sure always to show a cross section view of the real food kept below, or lifting up a portion with knife or fork will also work. One does not need to have lots of props and arrangements. It does look good but a person like me who's family is ready to eat on time, I don`t a situation to create all those stories, So Iam off the props and keep clicking until i get the clear pic of my choice!! If one is new to blogging and photography please do not hurry, you may learn many things with time :)

3.How to develop blog n blog page to get more fans n views

3) to develop you blog, you need to do some hard work throughout!! make yourself available to other bloggers, fb groups, liking pages, interacting in G+ and looking around for acceptation is what required in the beginning. Doing some guest posts helps too. And hats off to all the wonderful co-bloggers who help freshers just like that :) 

4.How blog changed your life& how many posts your doing in a month 
4) I usually like to do 2-4 posts per week but due to some reasons I`ve been lacking in my show :) hope this comes back quick and iam active like before. 
Blogging did change my attitude in many ways!!  I had made many female friends via blogging and its really nice to mingle with really talented people who are in love with food!! When I entered blogging I never knew this was a complete different world existing here. And I really loved this new life as a blogger myself!! Yes it does makes me feel proud to be a blogger and this helps me to learn new things each and every day from others.

5. Finally ,few words abt MLH/Mahaslovelyhome

5) MLH is a lovely blog and the person behind it - Usha is much sweet than one could ever know :) The enthusiasum which you carry along with your blog is amazing, Keep up your good work as I love reading your posts and seeing your lovely clicks!! Many more years to come, Keep Rocking dear

Hey everyone this is Aara and iam sure you all know me from sweets & spices!! If not please check out the link.

Thank you Usha for inviting me to do guest post for your space!! Keep your sprite high. I feel myself lost somewhere and so is my blogging slow too :) but to write this guest post inspires me so a hearty thanks to you.

This recipe is part of my experiment. I know where are the places I went wrong but the end result was just mind blowing!! loved by everyone at home!! specially enjoyed as dip with bun naan shown in the pic. I could n`t stop licking it myself non-stop and as my friends know me as sweets lover you could analyze what licking nonstop could mean :D

I mostly focus on simple food which assures Quality of the food you can try at any point of time. Specially I love to post reviews of my family members after they taste it and pass the product 1st Then it reaches my readers!!

Now that in no time mangoes will be available soon, The much awaited kings of all fruits will be among us and all will start posting their best recipes using mangoes. So let me Bismillah with Mango Paneer Firni Today :)

Firni or Phirni is word usually used!! Though kheer and phirni is cooked in same way, but the quality and texture of both will be different. Authentic kheer and phirni is made using basmathi rice and milk. But for phirni rice is ground and then used, hence the cooking process varies for both and the name change takes place.

Here there is no need to worry for rice cooking process, we are going through instant crash version of phirni


Whole Milk - 1 liter Boiled
Paneer - 200gms (grated) I used crumbled Chenna from Curdled milk.
Basmati rice powder - 2tbsp / crumbs of 3-4 bread slices for thickness
Sugar - 3/4th cup or more as desired
Condensed milk - half cup
Mango Puree - 2-3 cups (use sweet mango pulp only)
Pista and Almonds Blanched and Sliced 2tbsp each


- Boil milk in a heavy bottom or non stick kadai or pot

- Add paneer / chenna, sugar, rice powder / bread crumb and condensed milk. (adjust sugar according to taste as we are using condensed milk too)

- Reduce the milk in low flame for 10-15 mins. stir in between so that the bottom dont stick or burn.

- Switch of the flame and allow it to rest for half hr, when the temp of the milk mixture drops to become warm.

- Add in mango pulp and nuts, Blend it well and chill it before serving

*** Dont add mango pulp to hot milk it will curdle the whole thing

***If you want to increase the sugar content feel free to add more condensed milk, do not add sugar directly!! The richness would be lost!!

*** You may add flavoring of vanilla essence or Elaichi powder to the end product. Go as u please!!

*** You may also add a tsp of ghee in hot milk for authentic phirni taste, I dint add coz I messed up myself by adding mango puree to hot milk which got curdled again and I had to make some corrections :D

Do try this yummy phirni this summer and let us know how it turned out for u :)

Wow...I don`t have any words to speak now.Such a smart Idea to make wonderful dessert with easy,simple ingredients..Being a  lover of mangoes,I can`t wait more to try out this delicious dessert...Aara...Thank you so much for sharing such a lip smacking dessert..Can`t appreciate your creativity..Hahahahaha... Don`t stop this enthusiasum dear..Keep cooking..keep blogging.:)

Guys.I hope you all enjoyed today`s wonderful guest post of Aara Shaikh and answers...Happy weekend..


Hi.......This is Maha..Thank you so much for visitng my space and for your valuable and comments..Any doubts about recipes you can comment.Aim and reason of This blog is to introduce recipes and It`s my interest ..PLEASE Please..DON`T give and paste any Htmls and event links. Vulgar comments will be deleted..Strictly requesting..Don`t SPAM HERE...
Thank you..

Happy blogging!Happy cooking!

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