February 11, 2015

Deep Fried Bread Cheese Balls | Mozzarella Cheese Stuffed Bread Balls | Deep Fried Snacks For Kids | Deep Fried Fritters With Left Over White Bread And Cheese

These are deep fried bread balls with cheese stuffing...I followed the steps according my mind when I thought to make some cheesey balls for Mahas Boys...Here first,I prepared bread like a lump/soft dough by soaking them in water for a second..But,you can use the single bread slice for stuffing by soaking in water before..You can use any ingredients in the stuffing like sweet corns, green peas,garlic etc..Also,should be careful while deep frying the balls to retain the shape and don`t fry too brown in color...So,why you are late still..Go and pickup all the ingredients,cook and enjoy with hot tea/coffee..


Mozzarella cheese slices-3-4
carrot-1 small
onion-1 small
cilantro leaves- handful
black pepper powder-to taste
salt-to taste
chat masala-1/4 tsp (optional) 
white bread slices-5-6
oil for deep frying


Cut cheese slices into fine pieces...

In a mixing bowl take chopped cheese,grated carrot,finely chopped onion,chopped cilantro leaves,black pepper powder,salt,chat masala and mix it well with hands..Then take lemon size mixture and shape it like ball.

Take 1/2 cup of water in another bowl..Now dip bread slices and squeeze out water immediately as much as possible..Now mix these bread slices into a fine mixture or almost like dough  (see the picture)

Now take some bread mixture spread it on your palm place cheese ball,close from all sides carefully..Cheese ball should be small in size,other wise while frying comes out ..so,carefully shape them and arrange all in a plate..

Now heat oil for deep frying in a kadai or vessel..Take bread crumbs in a plate and roll these balls  and set aside... When the oil very warm drop this bread balls carefully ... at a time 3-4 balls are fine..

Don`t over mix the balls & don`t flip them much while frying,other wise they loose the shape..
{That`s the mistake which I did :( }

Carefully take out on a kitchen paper towel and serve hot with ketchup.


  1. A very tasty and mouthwatering starter.! Love your second picture so much - the one with oozing cheese!!!

  2. am always makes this kinda snack which is cheesy and melt in mouth one.yummy usha dear


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