February 22, 2015

Mango Chocolate Milkshake | Chocolate Mango Milkshake Without Ice cream For Kids | Easy Healthy Milk Shakes

I don`t know actually that how many have you tried this combination,but I must say,it`s an unique fusion of milk shake with mango and chocolate..Throwing at least one mango in trolley while doing grocery shopping is my one of the weakness..Til now,I have tried mango milk shake and few more different drinks with other combinations..
If you want can add vanilla ice cream or chocolate milk shake for rich taste or specially for kids..Here,I used skimmed milk,but you can use full cream milk too..So,try this and enjoy...


mango -1 fruit small
chocolate squares-4 or chocolate shaves/semiya- 1/3 cup
milk-2 cups
condensed milk-2 tbsp


Wash,peel skin and chop mango..

Along with other ingredients blend mango finely..Refrigerate for some time and top it with chocolate semiya or toasted coconut. Serve chilled.


  1. wow this is not for kids,yummy for adults too

  2. I love mango in any form...It is a refreshing drink!!
    Thanks for your visit to my space...

  3. That looks super delicious, I'm sure your kids enjoyed a lot!

  4. Yummy combo milkshake...kids must have loved it!

  5. yummy chocolate mango milkshake..

  6. Yummy combo of chocolate and mango.. Looks super


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