February 14, 2015

No Bake Egg Less Strawberry Cheese Cake With Agar Agar | Gelatin Free Egg Free Strawberry Chocolate Cheese Cake | Easy Egg Less Strawberry Desserts

Few days back I posted simple strawberry cheese cake recipe which egg less ..In that  did n`t used agar agar or even gelatin..It was a very simple cheese cake with less work,but still tasted so good.. after long n long research,recently I found agar agar in grocery store.I was very curious to use it,so,immediately bought my favorite strawberries to try out a cheese cake..
I was not at all confident while making this cheese cake,even after finishing the whole process also I was worried about the result look..Strangely,It came out very well. Spring form pans are best for cheese cakes.so,don`t use regular pan where you can`t un mould the tin.this is the first recipe of mine with agar agar and this recipe measurements also completely my own idea..According my taste,I have used the ingredients and given some tips in the NOTES...These all the ingredients are easily available and you can make this in less than 30 minutes..This is also no bake version and specially egg less too..I feel it`s a perfect recipe to celebrate on this valentine`s day..So,don`t do late..Just catch all and step into the process.Enjoy each spoon with full of love and serve to your beloved ones..




                For the base
·         Digestive chocolate biscuits - 15
·        Butter (Melted) - 1/4 cup

               For the cheesecake
·         Strawberry puree - 3/4 cup (can use 1 cup too)
·         Cream cheese - 75 gms
·         Condensed milk - 1/2 cup
·         Fresh cream - 1/2 cup
·         Vanilla extract - 1 tsp
·         agar agar - 1 tsp (But,I suggest to use 2 tsp)
·         Water - 1/4 cup



Grease a spring form pan with butter or oil. In warm water add agar agar and mix carefully until it dilutes.


Grind biscuits into fine powder using mixy jar..Melt butter in microwave and add in biscuit powder..
and adjust this mixture evenly in pan..Press it as much as possible.

Now in a mixing bowl,take cream cheese,strawberry puree,condensed milk,whipping cream,vanilla extract and agar agar mixture..

Mix every thing well and check the taste.If you feel less sweet add more condensed milk.Its optional only..

Pour this mixture on biscuits crumbs layer and tap the tin to set it evenly..Refrigerate it or over night if possible at least 2-3 hours..

Bring the cheesecake to room temperature, about 30 mins before serving. To un-mould, place the base on top of a can, then gradually pull the sides of the tin down. 

Slice gently and enjoy! 


You can use any digestive biscuits..using butter helps to set the crumb mixture finely..If you like add 2 tbsp more.

You can replace condensed milk with sugar (white or brown)..

If available you can use gelatin instead of agar agar..Take 2 tsp gelatin in a small cup, sprinkle the gelatin over the cold water and let stand about 2-3 minutes or until the gelatin has become soft and spongy.heat it up in a microwave for 30 seconds. Leave it to cool down completely.Then use it..

You can use cottage cheese or ricotta cheese also.


  1. We don't get agar agar powder here, it is the strands and they are so uncomfortable to use! But still they set more than gelatine would... yummy looking cheesecake...

  2. I prepared it long time back, Now Addicted with cream cheese,
    but yours makes me hungry right now.. i want to eat!


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