March 31, 2015

Wheat flour Egg less Butter less Banana Pancakes | Egg less Basic Banana Pancakes | Quick and Easy Gluten Free Pancakes For Break Fast

Do you love pancakes??...If so,This recipe is for you and don`t forget to calculate me with you...Do you love banana?? Then this recipe is for you..Do you prefer egg less mild sweet recipes?? Then this recipe is for you.. Are you searching for quick and easy break fast recipes?? Then this recipe is for you..Ah...So, many options!!!!!! Sounds great right!!!!! Of course!!!! because a true food blogger always tries to share easy,simple,tasty,healthy recipes for viewers..That sounds so sweet..:)

March 30, 2015

Baby Corn Peas Korma | Baby corn Peas kurma | Baby Corn Gravy Recipes | Easy Vegetarian Gravy Recipes For Rice

After finding baby corns in foz,Iam trying new combination of gravies every time..With baby corn can create different combinations of one pot meals and gravies too.Also green peas are the best fusion which works out very well with all kind of vegetables...This is one of the finest gravy of baby corn and peas which goes well with rotis and pulkas.

March 27, 2015

Friday Guest Post by Ranjani Raj | Eggless Butter less Red Velvet Cup Cakes | Quick and Easy Egg free Cup Cakes | Simple cup Cakes For Kids

Hey..friends..Hope you all doing great..By the way,I started going to driving classes recently..So,it`s little bit difficult to check out all of your blogs regularly.Still,I will try to look in..In the first and second classes was totally nervous and hands started trembling when iam trying take turnings.According to the instructor words,usually in 20 classes can be perfect in driving.later it takes some time like one year to drive on roads easily with ease.

March 26, 2015

Pistachio Dates Oats Milkshake | Pistachio Milk Shake Without Ice cream | Healthy Milkshake For Kids | Low Calorie Breakfast Milkshakes

This is a simple milk shake which is blended with dates and pistachios..It`s very healthy,because I used milk instead of ice cream and that too 3% fat milk..Right now,it`s too hot in foz. So,most of the mornings Iam preparing different combination of diet juices and evenings preparing fruit juices.

March 25, 2015

5 Minutes No-Bake Microwave Caramel Custard | Easy Caramel Custard Recipes | Quick and Easy Microwave Desserts | How to Make Creme Caramel Pudding In Microwave

Caramel custard is one of my favorite dessert which i love to make and eat always..Even,in foz restaurants also,this is one of the popular dessert which they serves without fail.Generally,the milk based custard is famous every where,but on my own interest til now,I have tried innovative flavors like coconut,coffee,mango and banana too..

March 24, 2015

Quick and Easy Mixed Vegetable Dum Biriyani | Simple South Indian Veg Biryani With Step Wise Pictures | Easy One Pot Meals



Rice-1 cup
onion-1 small
tomato-1 small
cauli flower florets-1 cup
green chili-4-5
ginger garlic paste/GGP-2 tsp
french beans-3-4
green peas-1/2 cup (I used frozen)
biryani masala powder-1 tsp (or garam masala)

cumin+coriander powders-1/2 tsp+1/2 tsp
curd-2 tbsp
salt -to taste

To temper

Oil-2 tbsp
bay leaf-1 small
cumin seeds-1 tsp
cinnamon stick-1 inch
cardamom pod-1
cilantro+mint leaves-hand ful


Wash rice  2 times and soak in water for 30 minutes..Now in a vessel take this rice and cook until rice done..

Heat a pan with oil and saute ingredients which mentioned under to temper for a minute.Throw onions+GGP and cook soft..Then add remaining chopped veggies,green chili,salt and cook for 5 minutes..

Add in biryani masala,cumin+coriander powders,few cilantro+mint leaves and curd.Mix well and cook for 3 more minutes or until all veggies turns soft.

Now add in cooked rice on top of veggies.spread it evenly.then add few more 
cilantro+mint leaves and milk which is mixed with food color.

Turn on heat under a tawa and put this vessel.Cook for 10 minutes and turn off. Serve hot with any pickle and raita..

March 20, 2015

Friday With a Friend 15th Guest Post by Priya Satheesh | Carrot Cucumber Juice | Easy Healthy Juices for Weight loss

Iam quite late in posting guest post of this friday..I told in so many posts that my day starts bit late and after sending kids to school, laptop comes into my hands..Surprisingly,from last 2-3 days this headache is irritating badly and Iam not able to do any thing..OI hope I will be fine soon... By the way we are going to celebrate new year tomorrow..Iam hoping strongly this new year brings smiles,money and peace in my family...:)

March 19, 2015

Indian Style Quinoa Lemon Upma | Healthy Vegetarian South Indian Break fast Recipes | Gluten free Quinoa Upma |Vegan Quinoa Recipes

Iam loving lot quinoa these day,already posted quinoa pulav and quinao curd rice..Today iam going to introduce on more quinoa recipe which is very easy to cook and 100% guilt free.. It is a simple upma with my choice of vegetables and for a twist squeezed lemon juice,so it is little big tangy in taste..

March 17, 2015

March 16, 2015

Oats Coconut Jaggery Poli | Oats Kobbari Bellam Bakshalu | South Indian Easy Healthy Festival Sweets | Oats Coconut Bobbatlu


Ugadi is on the way...According to our telugu calender we hindus going to celebrate traditional new year on 21st march..Ugadi Pachadi is the tarditional recipe which we people usually makes it.Along with pachadi we prepares polelu which are famous too..I already posted polelu recipe long time back and recently when Iam thinking about festival special sweets,thought to prepare healthy version of polelu.So,with oats,jaggery and coconut I prepared these and they tasted so good..

March 14, 2015

Healthy Cherry Milk Shake With Icecream | Cherry Apple Milk Shake | Cherry Peach Milk shake | Fresh Cherry Fruit Milk shakes Recipes

Cherry is one of my family favorite fruit,but sadly its difficult to find in foz...After few searches found bottled cherries,but there is a lot difference in taste when compare with fresh fruits..With thos very long time back tried banana cherry milk shake and recently DH friend told that he bought cherries argentina.Hubby brought a bag last few days back,so I tried these different combination of milk shakes..

March 13, 2015

Friday With a Friend 14th Guest Post by Sangeetha Nambirajan | Peanut Jaggery Balls | Peanut Sweet Ladoo | Groundnut Sweet Balls | Palli Vundalu | Kadalai Urundai

Writing a guest post or introducing a blogger friend as guest in Mahaslovelyhome is always joyful for me...After 13 guest posts today I got mail (recipe) one more from a very close friend..Same like all bloggers we get connected through our lovely food blogs and often writes comments too.Actually I know her from the starting of my blogging but I think last year only we met personally through fb...

March 11, 2015

Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani in oven | Oven Baked Chicken Dum Biryani Using Drumsticks | Restaurant Style Chicken dum biryani In Oven | How to cook Murgh biryani in oven

After trying out so many biryanis I took break for few weeks and recently cooked this oven baked biryani..First,I searched out for few popular biryanis asusually, was tired to get a perfect biriyani recipe,So,For a change this time made biriyani in oven..Yeah..That sounds very interesting nah!!...Even,I was very curious about it and also bit tensed about the result.

March 10, 2015

Green Bell pepper Potato Curry | Capsicum Aloo Curry | Quick and Easy Spicy South Indian Curry recipes For Rice and Rotis

This is a super simple curry with potato capsicum combination which goes very well with rice or rotis...After started cooking potato,Iam trying every time new curry recipes in kitchen..This is the recent one which I served with rice..But this goes well even with rotis too.The simple masala powders brings a nice flavor and tomato is must in the recipe for good taste..

March 9, 2015

Simple Qunioa Vegetable Pulav | Indian Style Easy Vegetable Quinoa Pulao | Gluten Free Quinoa Mixed Vegetable Pilaf | Healthy n Easy Quinoa Recipes | Quick and Easy Indian Curd Raita Recipes

Though quinoa is frequently available here in foz,never tried to use it..But,recently after starting thinking about weight loss,searched about quinoa in google. Immediately,googled about recipes and this is the first one which I tried out..Soon,will share few more recipes too..Coming to this recipe,it is a low calorie vegetable pulav which is guilt free to enjoy instead of rice..

March 6, 2015

Friday With a Friend 13th Guest Post By Shailaja Reddy | Quick and Easy Vegetarian Lasagna With Store Bought Noodles | Spinach Lasagna

Hi..Friends...How are you all.It`s first friday in march..Til now Mahaslovelyhome introduced 12 bloggers with a wonderful guest post every friday. Last week we met shailaja sen and today we are going to say hi to another shailaja who blogs at Sahasra Recipes..She also from andhra pradesh but currently in USA..

March 5, 2015

Egg less Butterless Moist Banana Double Chocolate Cake | Easy Guilt free Eggless Cakes | Healthy Banana & Chocolate Cakes for kids | Tea Time Snack Cakes

It is a banana double chocolate cake which is baked with white flour..Though,It is egg less and butter less very soft and moist in texture..Greasing tin well,gives a good shaped cake and you can rectangular shaped tin also.In the below of the recipe,I have given substitutions for few ingredients which may helps you..I can say this recipe is a perfect to have a slice in the break fast times along with cup of hot coffee or milk..

March 3, 2015

Potato Bonda | Aloo Bonda | Urulaikizhangu Bonda | Quick and easy Vegetarian deep fried evening snacks for kids | Deep fried spicy potato balls

surprised This is a very old recipe,but re posting with new pictures..Recently I have started using potato often in my kitchen,but never tried any thing deep fried fritters like this except potato bajji..Specially,for pictures I cooked this again and really liked the taste and texture of the bonda.Because of digestion problem of oily foods,

March 1, 2015

Carrot Cashew Kheer With Condensed Milk | Sugar Free Carrot Kaju Payasam | Gajar ki Kheer | Easy Healthy South Indian Payasam Recipes

This is a very old post which is in draft from one year almost...every time I was avoiding it to write because of these un named pictures.Even now also,posting same like that..happens some times..Ok..Lets talk about recipe little bit..This a carrot kheer which is also folded with cashews...
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