March 13, 2015

Friday With a Friend 14th Guest Post by Sangeetha Nambirajan | Peanut Jaggery Balls | Peanut Sweet Ladoo | Groundnut Sweet Balls | Palli Vundalu | Kadalai Urundai

Writing a guest post or introducing a blogger friend as guest in Mahaslovelyhome is always joyful for me...After 13 guest posts today I got mail (recipe) one more from a very close friend..Same like all bloggers we get connected through our lovely food blogs and often writes comments too.Actually I know her from the starting of my blogging but I think last year only we met personally through fb...
She is Sangeetha Nambirajan blogs at recipe excavator..She is a simple south indian tamil girl who loves cooking..If you are searching for some quick and easy tasty recipes,you must land on her space..because personally I what I feel is her recipes looks too easy that even a beginner also can cook with full of`s really tough to create  a positive mood for beginner. is n`t it??!!  Few months back when I asked sangeetha to write a guest post for my blog,without  delaying she pinged me in fb and asked about details...After passing the details she requested to set the post in march and the day came finally..Today,Iam feeling very happy to introduce such a good friend of mine through my guest post event and Iam sure you people will enjoy it...:)

1.Few words about u/some thing special which we don`t know??

As you all know am Sangeetha Nambirajan - a lazy owner of "Recipe Excavator". I am 6 years old wife, 5 yrs old mom, 9 yrs old ex-software professional and 4 yrs old lazy, irregular blogger. This is a small and crisp intro about me.

2. 3 Food photography tips or  3 useful kitchen tips??

Asking tips to me ??!! OMG ! Anyways will share whatever i know.

When it comes to photography tips, the one and only tip i know is "Prefer nature light (sunlight) whenever you take a click."

Regarding Kitchen tip, listed below some 3 tips 

a. If your pressure cooker gives any trouble like water/pressure leakage after closing it place ur gasket in freezer for the whole day and use, u can find the difference.

b. Whenever we buy some steel plates or any steel cookwares, you find a brand label, when we try to remove it surely it will have gum stain or we couldn’t peel the label properly. To overcome that problem, show it in the flame (Bottom of the label) for a while, it will automatically get peeled off ! Interesting is it !! This applies only for STEEL OR BRASS product…

c. During your hurry-burry cooking time, peeling of garlic and onion skin will always an irritating process. For that, soak onion and garlic in a bowl of cold water for 5 mins, then try to peel.. The skin will come just like that.

3. How to improve fans n followers for food blog n food bog face BOOK page??

a. Be a regular blogger, atleast 2 days once, you need to do a post

b. Be short and crisp with your content, Don't give more alternate methods or tips in Notes.

c. According to me, Images speaks more than words. Take a catchy and clear pics. A clear on a normal kitchen top is more than enough.

d. Be more interactive with the viewers, if they ask any queries.

4.How food blog changed ur life?How many recipes your posting in a month approximately and your memorable moments which related to blog??

a. My blog is my second child. Its my stress burster. My cooking diary. Blog world, i learned lot of recipes and gained lot of friends.
b. Will post max of 5 post per month. (How lazy me :P)

5.Finally,tell me few words abt MLH??

Ya, actually am waiting to answer this question. :)
To be frank, I always feel jealous on u :P You know why, daily I  use to wonder, how you are so interactive with your FB Page by having 2 naughty boys running around your home. By having one girl, am feeling very difficult to manage my blog. Your behaviour makes me to feel, how lazy i am :) MLH, I can find both traditional and non-traditional recipes. Am a very big fan of TELUGU cuisine, you are my saviour when i like to cook andhra dishes. Usha, i like your boldness and loud spoken characters. Keep up all your good work and your characters. All the very best for all your future steps. Stay healthy and Blessed. My big hugs to your naughty boys :)


Now coming to the recipes - Peanut Balls (Kadalai Urundai)

According to me Kadalai Urundai = Everyone's childhood (G)Olden memories. Yes, there will be none especially southindians, who never tasted this during their childhood days. I am a big big crazy fan of "Peanut Balls". Generally you know my way of eating this, it will bit Yuck but still will not leave without telling this :) First will lick completely the outer portion which is the jaggery, if i keep on do that, the peanut will automatically get loosen and finally will start cheweing the peanut.. He he... Even now i follow this ;) Without taking much of your time, here comes everyone's favorite "Kadalai Urundai"


Roasted Peanut - 2 cups
Jaggery - 1 cup
Cardamom Powder - Pinch
Dry ginger Powder - Pinch
Warm Water - 1/2 cup
Salt - Pinch
Oil - To grease hands


Take a bowl mix both jaggery and 1/2 cup of warm water. Keep mixing until the jaggery gets dissolved. Now take a non-stick pan, pour the jaggery syrup by filtering it. Let it boil, add dry ginger powder, cardamom powder and pinch of salt, just to enhance the sweetness. Keep on stirring inbetween. To check jaggery consistency, take a water in a small bowl, place a drop of jaggery mixture into the small bowl. If you could able to make it as small balls. Its the perfect texture. Put off the flame. Add the roasted and skinless peanuts, mix well with the jaggery syrup until it all coats the peanuts. Now grease your hand with oil, take some peanuts and make it as balls. Be careful, the mixture will be too hot. If its become hard to make balls, keep the pan in flame for 2 mins, it will get loosen. Now keep repeating the process. Store it in air tight container.

I think no one answered like this til now..Hahahaha..You told that you are a lazy girl,but I feel it shows your activeness and says your so genuine..Like you said,though Iam very active some times feels taht Iam wasting valuable time by staying in home all the hours..But,dear..chill we are moms.We are doing the bestest job in the world which is filled with full of love,happiness,tears,pains and emotions.if you feel still that you are lazy don``t worry Iam with you always .Hehehehe.. Thank you so much for the heart touching words which brought a big honest smile on my face..All three tips also very useful and interesting actually..Peanuts are my favorite and these balls are my most favorite in school days.they tastes just amazing..Thanks dear for sweet answers,words and love...

Guest post means it`s not about sharing a recipe same like other days..It`s a special day where we meet a friend,where we get some interesting words from her..apart all of these it`s important to  strengthen the realtion ship in between blogger friends...I hope you all enjoyed today`s post and stay tuned to MLH for more recipes and guest posts.



  1. Hey Usha, thank u once again for posting this... Its perfectly organized

  2. So lovely guest post and the peanut balls looks yummmm :)

  3. Nice guest post!!! Well explianed post...yummy peanut balls!

  4. lovely and my know one thing am eating right now:)

  5. Love your guest post series. really happy to know more about Sangeetha and her yummy treat...


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