March 20, 2015

Friday With a Friend 15th Guest Post by Priya Satheesh | Carrot Cucumber Juice | Easy Healthy Juices for Weight loss

Iam quite late in posting guest post of this friday..I told in so many posts that my day starts bit late and after sending kids to school, laptop comes into my hands..Surprisingly,from last 2-3 days this headache is irritating badly and Iam not able to do any thing..OI hope I will be fine soon... By the way we are going to celebrate new year tomorrow..Iam hoping strongly this new year brings smiles,money and peace in my family...:)

O.K.Let`s talk about the recipe,Today we are going to meet priya satheesh who blogs at priyasmenu..I know her from last 2 years I think..I wrote a guest post in her blog which was a special for me..It was a semiya sago payasam recipe which I shared with my canon pictures..As a sweet starting,I took payasam pictures with canon for the first time..That`s why I remember very strongly priya and her blog..Though we know each other from a long time,don`t spends much time on chatting..Actually I should blame my self here about it...I don`t like to chat in fb much..So,obviously, there is no chance to keep in touch with maximum bloggers.Hope,I will be in touch from now....When I asked about writing guest post she accepted my request but asked for some time...Then,last week she sent this recipe..Thanks for accepting the request  dear..Lets check out the recipe and answers...

Chit chat with Priya:

1.      Few words about u/something special which we don`t know??
I hope you all know my name “Priya satheesh”. I am a simple woman who runs a beautiful family with a foodie husband and a naughty boy. I am a big foodie from childhood with a deep root passion of cooking. Apparently, my husband is the one who enlightened my passion to the world through his encouragement and motivation.
This is my webpage. please do check for more interesting recipes.

2.      3 Food photography tips or 3 useful kitchen tips?

Well, I am not a great photographer but all I know is, Light and focus is important.
 3 Kitchen Tips :
1.      Apply oil on both the hands before peeling and chopping yam, it will reduce itchiness.
2.      Use kitchen tissue paper to wipe dosa pan, while preparing dosa instead of using small piece of cloth.
3.      Use baking brush to smear oil while preparing Roti or paratha.

How to improve fans n followers for food blog n food blog face BOOK page??

1.      Posting innovative and authentic recipes along with mouthwatering pics.
2.       Being friendly and replying to all our comments
These couple of things will improve fans in blog and for Facebook,
1.      Being active in facebook
2.      Posting regulary
3.      S4S

How food blog changed ur life?How many recipes your posting in a month approximately and your memorable moments which related to blog??

Actually, started my blog as my hobby, around seven years ago but due to personal reasons, I was not regular. From 2011, my blog became active and the first event which I participated motivated me a lot to continue my blogging. It’s none other than Divya pramil’s Masterchef cooking contest and won second prize. This is my most memorable moment which brings happiness in me always.
Nowadays, I am finding very difficult to post more than 15 recipes in a month due to sudden family commitments. In fact, started blogging just couple of days back, after a long break and I wish to get the same love & support from my blogger friends and readers.

Finally,tell me few words abt MLH??

MLH, as the name mentions, your page is a lovely home for readers with authentic Andhra recipes and baked goodies. I really wonder, how come you have so much energy to be active in facebook and blog inspite of having two kids and by your posts, I can make out their naughtiness. Great spirit and this proves your passion in cooking, so don’t let it down in any moment. Keep rocking as always and enjoy your life with your beautiful family.

Oh yeah…How can I miss your S4SJ It’s an amazing idea and it worked out great for my fan page. Thanks dear J

Carrot Cucumber Juice

Carrot Cucumber juice is a healthy juice which can served along with breakfast. Simple, tasty and healthy drink ! Kids friendly too..

1 Carrot
1 Cucumber
Small piece of ginger
Salt to taste
A pinch of Pepper powder (Optional)
Water, as required

Method :

Peel and chop the carrot and cucumber into pieces.
Add carrot, cucumber and ginger in a mixie and grind into fine paste by adding the required amount of  water.
Strain the juice using strainer.
Add salt and pepper powder.
Mix well and serve in a glass.

Note : To make it more healthy, do not strain the juice.

I have shared so many diet juice recipes and weight loss juice recipes in Mahaslovelyhome..But,honestly saying this juice recipe sounds quite innovative and the combination of ingredients sounds quite interesting...I don`t mind to try out this at all..tomorrow morning I will try this  magical juice definitely..Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful healthy juice recipe with us Priya..And feeling happy to hear about your fb page improvement...Hope you get likes many more in up coming days...Iam so happy about this s4s group which helped so many pages to grow...


  1. Lovely colorful juice dear and nice guest post priya..

  2. Nice drink. Healthy and refreshing one.

  3. Such a refreshig drink....lovely guest post ladies...

  4. lovely guest post... innovative drink...

  5. Seen the concept friday friend with my friend priya satheesh&her recipess also...congrats her for her efforts


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