March 31, 2015

Wheat flour Egg less Butter less Banana Pancakes | Egg less Basic Banana Pancakes | Quick and Easy Gluten Free Pancakes For Break Fast

Do you love pancakes??...If so,This recipe is for you and don`t forget to calculate me with you...Do you love banana?? Then this recipe is for you..Do you prefer egg less mild sweet recipes?? Then this recipe is for you.. Are you searching for quick and easy break fast recipes?? Then this recipe is for you..Ah...So, many options!!!!!! Sounds great right!!!!! Of course!!!! because a true food blogger always tries to share easy,simple,tasty,healthy recipes for viewers..That sounds so sweet..:)

Coming to the recipe,I don`t like to eat banana directly..So,obviously DH loves it...I feel some times we couple are like tom n jerry..Who fights always but never likes to live without each other..Whenever he buys a dozen of bananas I plans to make milk shakes and some times cakes or diet juices..This time my eyes caught pancakes and waffles.(actually for a change I tried) So,I used ripen bananas to make some pancakes and few waffles..Though,I don`t have any objections with egg,tried this time egg free version which are totally gluten free. These are quick, easy and delicious for breakfast.. If you like can add any syrup or honey or caramel on top of the pan cakes before serving for rich taste.Adjust the amount of sugar according to your taste buds if you don't like your pancakes too sweet. Enjoy!



1 cup wheat flour

1 tsp baking powder (Or 2 tsp)

1 tbsp cinnamon

3 tbsp sugar

pinch of salt

1 cup milk

1 tbsp olive oil

2 small bananas, cubed


In a mixing bowl add flour,salt,baking powder,cinnamon powder..mix well

Add in milk,oil and stir together..Add in finely chopped banana pieces..Give a good mix.

Now a heat non stick pan with a tsp of oil and after a half minute pour half cup of batter in pan.Dont spread it to much..Just little bit is enough..

Pour 1/2 tsp of oil on sides of pancakes and after a minute carefully flip it and cook other side also well.May be 1-2 minutes in low flame.

Turn off and repeat the process with remaining batter and serve hot with milk or coffee.


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